About Glam Grader

What Do We Do?

At Glam Grader we’re focused on building a one-stop site for anything and everything related to cosmetics. We create reviews and product comparisons, we provide answers to a wide range of questions, we offer tips and tricks collected from around the globe, and we have fun doing it . . . usually.

As you browse through the site we’re creating (it’s a never-ending work in progress) you’ll see a lot of “Best Of” posts. We feel we’ve devised a very unique and effective way to come up with the top five (or so) products in any given category. We use our proprietary AI to scour for reviews and uncover products that stand out as special, based on consumer responses. Our AI can spot a fake review a mile away, too . . . just sayin’. We then try out the products for ourselves, often with the help of friends and family (and sometimes total strangers – feel free to volunteer if you like). Using another clever bit of programming created by our team, we answer a (rather lengthy) series of questions about each product we’ve tested and the AI generates a score. The top 5 scores are the products that go into our “Best Of” post. So there you have it.

How Do We Get Payed?

You will see ads inserted into the copy of our posts. We have a partnership with Google that allows them to run ads on our site. We make a percentage of the ad revenue. While we have some control over the ad content, in general Google chooses ads based on the visitor’s browsing history. Hopefully, you’ll find these ads useful.

Additionally, we form partnerships with companies that pay us when we send traffic to their site through an affiliate link and someone makes a purchase. The fee we receive costs the customer nothing – it is paid for by the vendor. One obvious example of a company we work with is Amazon, but you will see others on our site as well. Again, we hope you find these links useful because that’s why we chose them.

DISCLAIMER: From time to time we receive free products from companies requesting reviews. We use the same strict process of evaluation for the free products we receive as we do for the ones we choose to review on our own. Generally, if a product is not high quality we will simply not review it rather than give it a bad review. We want to present products to you that we are proud to represent, so that’s what we do.

Who Are We?

Alan Tidswell – Owner,
Business Manager, Writer

Alan has had over 40 years of experience working in numerous senior management roles in Government, Not-for-profit organizations, and large corporations both in Australia and New Zealand. Throughout his career, Alan has built extensive and lasting networks by understanding and delivering on the unique needs and requirements of each individual customer. He works to create mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and suppliers – partnerships that are structured on a win/win outcome – by asking the right questions and listening to the answers. He is thus able to utilize his experience in identifying how to best help our customers, our suppliers, and our own company to grow and flourish.

Don Caron – Owner,
Web Development, Editor

Don Caron website development and IT

Don completed his studies at Whitworth College in 1977 with a major in applied piano. When the internet came along he switched to all manners of inventing revenue streams online, which included creating and maintaining websites for a large diversity of individuals and businesses. He worked as the Sound Supervisor at North by Northwest (NxNW) for several years, overseeing the post-production sound on all of their movies. He co-wrote the screenplay for The Basket (MGM – 1999) and wrote and directed the feature film Different Drummers (Bridgestone – 2016). He was worked a diversity of jobs on movie sets, including makeup and hair.

Denise Macgiver – Makeup Artist,
Writer,, Editor

Denise has an extensive background in cosmetics and makeup artistry and has owned her own business as a beautician along with her work as a private contractor for the movie industry and for ad agencies. She has worked as freelance makeup artist for Random Touch, North by Northwest, Spokane Ballet, Art Growers Association, Theatre Ballet of Spokane, Parody Project, and more.

“Here at Glam Grader, we’re on a mission to help you look and feel your most fabulous self. I always tell my clients that my job is to help them discover and enhance their inner glow and unique beauty. As we all know, makeup is one of our most important forms of self-expression, and I can be your creative partner in this journey of discovering the colors, styles, and looks that make you shine. Whether you’re preparing for a special event, a photoshoot, or simply want to treat yourself to a little extra self-care, we’re here to make the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Alice Slater – Makeup Artist
Writing & Research

Alice graduated from Whitworth College in 1985 with a major in Drama and trained as a makeup artist at Glen Dow Academy in Spokane, WA in 1987-89. This is where she met Denise Macgiver and they formed a partnership, working for numerous ad agencies and production companies as a freelance makeup-artist team. Alice was also a representative for “Beauty for All Seasons” for several years and served as a volunteer for Spokane Ballet and the Spokane Symphony providing makeup and hair services.
Denise and Alice now work as consultants through their online service, Glam Grader.  Alice handles much of the research for product reviews, information articles, new ideas, and new product lines.

“What I like most about this job is the process of finding the newest and most useful developments in the cosmetics industry, which is constantly evolving and changing in interesting and useful ways. My commitment is to keep you up to date with all of your options: the latest and greatest as well as the tried and true.”


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  • Rhotus LLC is managed by Don Caron and Alan Tidswell
  • Rhotus owns additional online properties that offer information and affiliate links to products.
  • Rhotus LLC can be contacted by email at contact-us@rhotus.com
  • Rhotus LLC is located at 815 W Francis Avenue #1025 Spokane, WA 99205
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