Bold Lipstick Shades to Rock in 2024: Unleash Your Inner Diva!

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Bold lipstick shades are a standout: they’re eye-catching, they make a statement, and they can elevate any look from simple to striking in just one swipe. Whether it’s for a regular day at the office that needs a pop of color or a special event where you want to make an impression, or just unleash your inner diva, bold lipstick can be the perfect cherry on top of your makeup cake.

Choosing the right bold lipstick shades is like finding the perfect pair of shoes it’s got to match not just your outfit but your skin tone and the occasion too. And it’s not just about picking a color. The best bold lipstick shades come with a smooth formula that glides on evenly, long-lasting wear that doesn’t require constant touch-ups and a pigment that doesn’t fade. In a market saturated with options, the quest for the perfect bold lipstick shade can be as challenging as it is thrilling.

When we’re on the hunt for that ultimate bold lip, our attention should turn to the product’s formula, finish, and staying power. Some questions to ponder: Does the lipstick have a matte, satin, or gloss finish? Is it hydrating or drying? Does the formula contain nourishing ingredients or is it long-wearing? These are critical considerations since a lipstick that looks stunning in the tube might not feel as comfortable on your lips or last as long as you need it to.

After immersing ourselves in the vibrant world of lip color, we’re excited to share our findings with you. Our rigorous selection process involved testing numerous bold lipsticks to discover which ones truly stand out in both performance and wearability. With shades that range from deep plums to fiery reds, there’s a bold color out there to suit every preference and occasion. Let’s dive into the specifics and get those lips colored with confidence!

Unleash Your Fiercest Pout with Top Bold Lipstick Shades!

We’re absolutely thrilled to share with you our curated selection of standout bold lipstick shades that are sure to turn heads! Whether you’re after a classic red, a vibrant pink, or an edgy purple, we’ve hunted down the most pigmented, long-lasting, and moisturizing options out there. Get ready to pucker up in the boldest hues that will add the perfect pop of color to any look.

#1 Be Bold, Be You

For those who crave long-lasting, matte lip color that keeps up with their busy lifestyle, this is an excellent buy.


✅ Effortless, all-day matte finish
✅ Precision application with a handy built-in sharpener
✅ Resistant to smudges and transfer


❌ Some might find the scent overpowering
❌ Not entirely transfer-proof after eating or drinking
❌ Color saturation may vary with different shades

Our experience using the MAYBELLINE Super Stay Ink Crayon immediately impressed us with its rich, matte color that promises no-fuss application throughout the day. There’s something special about a lip product that can keep up with our hustle, and this one certainly does, lasting through countless conversations and coffee cups.

One highlight of this lip crayon is the precision you get from its design. Even if you’re someone who’s typically on the move, the built-in sharpener ensures your lip lines are as crisp as your wit. No more hassle of carrying a separate sharpener or ending up with a blunt tip.

Of course, we can’t overlook how well this lipstick stands the test of time, resisting smudge and transfer like a dream. We’ve found that few lipsticks truly deliver on their long-wear claims, but this one comes pretty close, helping us leave a mark with our words, not our lips.

As revitalizing as a burst of color can be, especially with shades like ‘hustle in heels’ or ‘treat yourself,’ we must admit the fragrance can be a bit much. Yet, even that’s a minor hiccup when the color payoff is so delightful. It’s impressive to see how it largely stays put, although we suggest a little caution with smooches post-application to maintain its bold impact.

We strongly feel that this bold lipstick is ideal for go-getters and trendsetters alike. Whether you’re rushing between meetings or strutting down the street, the reliability and ease of use are unmatched. While the scent may be strong and absolute transfer resistance is a bit optimistic, the vibrant shades and staying power make the MAYBELLINE Super Stay Ink Crayon a standout contender for our daily makeup rituals.

#2 Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

If you’re on the hunt for a show-stopping bold lip color that won’t quit from sunrise to sunset, our experience with Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick says it’s a sure bet.


✅ Intense, eye-catching color that really pops
✅ The 10-hour longevity is impressive
✅ Feels hydrating and comfortable, not drying


❌ Might transfer a bit when eating or drinking
❌ The texture can feel a bit heavy if you prefer lighter makeup
❌ For some, it could require a touch-up to maintain that pristine look throughout the day

We’ve noticed that this lipstick is a match made in heaven for the bold and the beautiful. If you’re not afraid to make a statement with vibrant, lasting color, this one’s for you. The rich hue of Bold Bordeaux is perfect for standing out in a crowd, and it’s classic enough to suit a range of looks and occasions.

Honestly, the balance between creamy texture and bold color is what sets it apart. While some bold lipsticks can leave your lips feeling like the Sahara, Infallible Le Rouge keeps them feeling kissed with moisture, thanks to the infusion of Vitamin E. And, it isn’t just about looking good for a moment; this lipstick claims a 10-hour stay. From our team’s experience? Yes, it does hold up impressively well through a good part of the day.

Comparing it with other brands on our list, we love that L’Oréal delivers on the promise of a hi-definition color that manages to stay luminous without being glaringly glossy. We appreciate this balance. It’s the sophistication of a matte with the vibrancy of a gloss.

For our friends with a keen eye for comfort and style, we think you’d adore how it feels on your lips, rich, luxurious, and dependable. This is more than just a swipe of color; it’s confidence in a tube. What’s more, the shades are diverse enough to cater to various skin tones and preferences, from daring berries to subtle nudes.

In conclusion, we’ve got to hand it to L’Oréal Paris for their Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick. It’s a powerhouse of color that lives up to its claims. So, give your lips the VIP treatment they deserve with this creamy, dreamy bold lipstick.

#3 Touch of Berry

Let’s be honest, Black Radiance Berry Bold lipstick could be the new must-have in your makeup pouch.


✅ Vivid and moisturizing, enhances our lips for hours
✅ Rich, creamy texture for a smooth application
✅ Packed with Vitamin E for a nourishing experience


❌ May not be entirely smudge-proof
❌ Some shades might appear different than expected
❌ Not as long-lasting as some might prefer

We’ve discovered that Black Radiance’s Berry Bold provides a fantastic burst of color with just one swipe. The creamy texture feels indulgent, gliding on our lips with such ease that touch-ups are a breeze. We’re also thrilled about the enriching vitamin E that treated our lips to a soft and moisturized finish, not something every lipstick can boast about.

The team here at GlamGrader observed it’s a great match for buyers who seek a bold, vibrant look without sacrificing lip care. While the lasting power impresses, an occasional reapplication might be needed, but that’s hardly a hassle with such a buttery formula. It stands out not just for the rich pigmentation that rivals premium brands but also for its skin-friendly ingredients.

We’re all about that stunning moisturized shine, a benefit that places Black Radiance above many matte lipsticks. The moisture stays, avoiding the dreaded dry look. Yet, we should note that it may transfer more easily than some of us might like.

If you’re after that dramatic pop of color that stays comfy all day, we’d say Black Radiance Berry Bold calls out to us. Keep in mind, shades may vary on-screen and in person, but the exploration is part of the fun. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on quality, ideal for any of us looking to make a statement without committing to high-end prices.

#4 Bold Mauve Ultra Matte

We think the Bold Mauve Ultra Matte by L’Oréal Paris is a stellar pick for anyone who craves deeply pigmented color with a lightweight feel.


✅ The matte finish is luxe and velvety, ideal for a sophisticated look
✅ Its lasting hydration keeps our lips comfortable, not parched
✅ This range has an inclusive shade selection, enhancing natural lip tones


❌ May transfer after eating or drinking, unlike long-wear formulas
❌ The scent may remind some of us of classic lipsticks, which aren’t for everyone
❌ Not immune to creasing, particularly for those with very dry lips

When we swipe on the Bold Mauve Ultra Matte, we can’t help but feel empowered by its impact. The shade itself is a confident whisper of color, casting the perfect matte glow on our lips. With the creamy texture gliding on effortlessly, we get the pigment we desire without the heaviness.

Our favorite aspect has to be the balance this lipstick strikes, intense color payoff meets lasting comfort. Thanks to the infusion of jojoba oil, our lips stayed hydrated, a necessity, especially for us who often struggle with dry lips. The ultra-matte finish is a dream, managing to bring out the best in our natural lip color.

We noticed that unlike some of our other lip products, the inclusion of a light-diffusing gel is a game changer. It softens the look of our lips, smoothing out imperfections without losing the matte sophistication. Whenever we reach for our Bold Mauve, it speaks to our need for a lipstick that doesn’t just color but also enhances.

This gem is perfect for fellow makeup lovers who appreciate an everyday luxurious matte lip. With such a nuanced variety of nudes, you’re bound to find one that elevates your natural beauty while offering a bold statement.

While the Bold Mauve shines with its range and feel, for those of us seeking a steadfast bold lipstick shade that will endure a full day’s agenda without a single touch-up, this may not be the champion. Yet, for all the charm and elegance it brings to our makeup routine, it remains a formidable contender amidst its peers.

#5 LYSdefeu Shimmer Lip Sensation

We just discovered this flash of pizzazz for our lips, and we’re absolutely thrilled to share our experience with this bold choice, ideal for the dazzle-seekers out there!


✅ Eye-catching glitter finish for a standout look
✅ Long-lasting wear with a waterproof formula
✅ Unique color options for bold makeup enthusiasts


❌ Some may find the texture too dry
❌ The sparkles might be less prominent than expected
❌ Potential difficulties achieving smooth application for some users

Recently, we had the pleasure of applying LYSdefeu’s Diamond Glitter Matte Lipstick, and let us tell you, it’s not just a lipstick, it’s a statement. If you’re aiming to be the center of attention or gearing up for an all-out celebration, this is your go-to lippy.

While other products might leave you reapplying throughout the night, we didn’t need to worry about touch-ups thanks to its long-lasting waterproof magic. Its unique glitter formulation meant that our lips dazzled with every smile.

But longevity isn’t its only virtue. Those of us who strive for boldness in our beauty routine were mesmerized by the variety of lipstick shades. From sultry wine red to daring black, these hues are designed to make a statement, setting you apart from the crowd.

Now, it’s true, some glitter lipsticks can be tricky. We found that the LYSdefeu lipstick had a drier texture, so to glide on that glam smoothly, we found that some extra lip preparation might be in order. Also, if you’re looking for a disco ball on your lips, you might find the glitter effect more subdued than expected.

We wholeheartedly recommend LYSdefeu’s lipstick for anyone wanting to make a bold beauty statement. Just pair it with confidence, and your lips are guaranteed to pop!

Buying Guide – Bold Lipstick Shades to Rock in 2024

When we’re on the hunt for the perfect bold lipstick, there are several features we need to consider to ensure we’re delighted with our choice. Here’s how we can pick out a lipstick that provides both the impact and quality we seek.

Shade Selection

Finding the right shade is crucial because bold lipstick should complement our skin tone and make a statement.

Bold Lipstick Shades to Rock in 2024 GlamGrader
  • Cool tones: Best for people with blue or purple veins on their wrists.
  • Warm tones: Ideal for individuals with greenish veins.
  • Neutral: Offers flexibility for both cool and warm undertones.


Different formulas cater to different needs and preferences.

  • Matte: Provides a long-lasting, no-shine finish.
  • Cream: Balances between matte and shine, offering comfortable wear.
  • Glossy: Good for a high-shine, vibrant look.


It’s important to look at what goes into our bold lipstick to avoid potential allergens or irritants.

bold lipstick shade GlamGrader
  • Moisturizing ingredients: Sheer butter, vitamin E, and oils can keep our lips hydrated.
  • Long-wear components: Silicone or wax can help our bold color stay in place all day.
  • Avoid harmful additives: We should avoid parabens, phthalates, and allergenic fragrances where possible.

Price Point

Bold lipstick comes in various price ranges; we should determine our budget beforehand.

Price RangeExpectation
BudgetBasic functionality
Mid-rangeAdditional benefits
High-endPremium quality & feel

Customer Reviews

Before making our decision, we should read through customer reviews to gauge satisfaction and performance. Look for common trends in reviews (e.g., durability, pigment, comfort) to make a well-informed choice.

Verdict: The Best bold lipstick for making a statement

We’ve tried and tested a myriad of bold lipsticks, and we are thrilled to reveal our top pick that will empower you to make that jaw-dropping impression: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo. It’s the ultimate head-turner with its deep, eye-catching red hue and matte finish that resilience through hours of wear.

LipstickShadeFinishStay Power
MAC Retro Matte LipstickRuby WooMatteLong-lasting

Ruby Woo’s vivid red shade is universally flattering, giving everyone the courage to own the room. The texture is creamy despite its matte finish, allowing for smooth application without the dreaded dryness. Its robust pigment and staying power means less frequent touch-ups and more confidence throughout the day.

We absolutely recommend this iconic staple for anyone ready to make their mark with bold lips. Whether you’re preparing for a night out or need that extra boost for an important meeting, Ruby Woo has got you covered. Embrace its classic red allure and step out in style, ready to conquer the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

In our journey to find the ultimate bold lipstick choices, we’ve gathered the most common inquiries. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge to shine in your vibrant hues.

Which lipstick reigns supreme as the top seller globally for that glamorous touch?

MAC’s Ruby Woo has been a crowd favorite for ages, offering a bold, matte finish that’s as glamorous as it is iconic.

How can you ensure your bold pout stays impeccable with a long-lasting formula?

To lock in that color, we opt for lipsticks like Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick which boasts a 10-hour long-lasting wear. Prepping lips with primer also works wonders.

What’s the secret to mastering the perfect bold lip look for those who’ve celebrated their 50th?

For us, hydration is key! We seek creamy formulas that offer a depth of color, along with a lip liner to create a smooth, defined edge.

What are the most captivating lipstick shades that’ll make heads turn at any age?

Universally flattering reds and deep berries never fail to captivate. Shades like LYSdefeu’s Diamond Glitter Matte Lipstick make everyone take notice.

What color lipstick will add a splash of vibrancy for the fabulous 60-year-old trendsetters?

Fiery reds and bold oranges add a spirited splash of vibrancy that celebrates any trendsetter’s zest for life.


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