Best Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner: Top Picks for Effortless Cleaning in 2024

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I often get asked is an electric makeup brush cleaner an important accessory to have, and my answer is yes. Maintaining cleanliness and efficiency in the makeup application process is vital, and makeup brushes are essential tools in every beauty enthusiast’s kit. However, these brushes accumulate product residue, oils, and bacteria, which can lead to skin irritation or breakouts if not cleaned regularly. Traditional cleaning methods can be time-consuming and may not thoroughly remove all impurities. This is where electric makeup brush cleaners come into play. These devices offer a quick and effective means to deep clean brushes, ensuring that they are sanitary and perform at their best.

Electric makeup brush cleaners typically use a combination of rapid spinning and a cleaning solution to remove built-up makeup, oils, and dirt from the bristles. This not only contributes to better skin health but also prolongs the life of the brushes, helping to maintain the quality and softness of the bristles. By using an electric cleaner, makeup enthusiasts can ensure their brushes are clean and dry within minutes.

When considering the purchase of an electric makeup brush cleaner, several critical factors should be taken into account. The compatibility with different brush sizes, the speed of cleaning and drying, the quality of materials, and the type of cleaning mechanism are all elements that can affect the user experience and the end result. Additionally, the convenience of the device, whether it is portable or better suited for home use, may also influence the decision.

Recognizing the right electric makeup brush cleaner for personal use means considering these variables to ensure that the chosen product meets individual needs effectively. This sets the stage for exploring some of the top models available and identifying which one might be the best fit.

Top Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners

In my quest for a flawless makeup routine, I’ve found that the right tools make all the difference. But upkeep can be time-consuming, which is why I turned to electric makeup brush cleaners for a quick and efficient solution. These devices not only save me precious minutes but also ensure my brushes are thoroughly cleaned and maintained, leading to a better skin health and makeup application. Below, I’ve curated a selection of the best electric makeup brush cleaners that have transformed my post-makeup routine, focusing on ease of use, effectiveness, and durability.

#1 Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaner

I’d recommend this product for its efficiency in cleaning and drying brushes, appealing to those who value speed and simplicity in their beauty routine.


✅ Rapid cleaning and drying process
✅ Accommodates a wide range of brush sizes
✅ Simplifies the cleaning process with a one-button design


❌ Requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included
❌ May not fit some unusually sized brushes
❌ Not all brushes may get equally clean

The Senbowe Makeup Brush Cleaner stands out for its ability to quickly and effectively clean and dry makeup brushes. What I find most advantageous is the time saved with this device, it can revitalize brushes in seconds and is ideal for makeup enthusiasts who frequently use a brush or professionals with limited time between clients.

This cleaner is versatile, coming with eight different rubber collars to fit an assortment of brush sizes. Such inclusivity is particularly beneficial as it eliminates the need for multiple cleaning tools, ensuring the Senbowe device is a one-stop solution for a variety of brushes in a makeup kit.

Ease of use is also a hallmark of this product, with a user-friendly one-button design that streamlines the cleaning and drying process. It reduces the typically tedious task of manually cleaning brushes, which can be a considerable advantage for individuals seeking efficiency in their beauty routine.

However, it’s worth considering the cleaner’s reliance on batteries which are not provided, meaning additional purchases are necessary. While it fits many brushes, some users with unique or particularly large makeup brushes might find these don’t fit as well with the provided collars. Lastly, while the cleaner is effective, those with brushes heavily coated in non-water soluble substances may need a more thorough manual pre-clean for optimal results.

#2 Premium Electric Brush Cleaner

For makeup enthusiasts looking for efficiency, the RICRIS Premium Brush Cleaner significantly reduces cleaning time while maintaining brush hygiene.


✅ Quick and easy cleaning process
✅ Accommodates various brush sizes
✅ Enhances brush performance and longevity


❌ Battery powered rather than rechargeable
❌ Some brushes may not fit perfectly
❌ Plastic bowl feels somewhat fragile

I find RICRIS’s Brush Cleaner to be a standout in its category due to its ability to clean and dry makeup brushes swiftly. Its compatibility with diverse brush sizes ensures that it’s a versatile asset for makeup lovers. The feature of the brush cleaner that impresses me the most is the speed at which it can clean and dry brushes; it’s a serious time-saver for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

The inclusion of eight collars to fit various brush sizes is thoughtful, making the product suitable for almost any brush I own. This variability means that I don’t have to worry about finding the right tool for each of my brushes. Moreover, the simplicity of its use, attaching the brush to the spinner, adding soap and water to the bowl, and then spinning to clean and dry, is efficient.

However, it’s worth noting a few minor setbacks. The device relies on batteries, which might prompt frequent replacements or the hassle of having spares on hand. While an extensive range of brushes can be cleaned, some oddly shaped ones might not find an exact fit. And although the plastic bowl’s durability is sufficient for careful use, I can imagine that it may not withstand rough handling.

Overall, the RICRIS Premium Electric Brush Cleaner is most suitable for any makeup user looking to maintain their brushes’ cleanliness without dedicating excessive time to the task. This device highlights functionality with its quick cleaning cycle and fits a variety of brush sizes, which, in my opinion, often overshadows any minor shortcomings.

#3 Suteng Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

For individuals seeking a quick and convenient tool to maintain their makeup brushes, the Suteng Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is a solid option, although its functionality might fall short in some aspects.


✅ Can clean multiple brushes at once, saving time
✅ Accommodates brushes of various sizes with its large capacity
✅ USB power cable for easy operation and portability


❌ Some users reported that it lacks power for thorough cleaning
❌ Might stop functioning properly within a short time frame
❌ A few customers experienced issues with the device not turning on

The Suteng Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner piques interest with its promise to cleanse multiple makeup brushes simultaneously. This feature is a boon for makeup artists and enthusiasts who use an array of brushes regularly. The device’s ability to handle various brush sizes adds to its convenience, allowing for a versatile cleaning experience. The concept of an all-in-one cleaning and drying system in such a compact form is appealing.

When in use, the machine’s USB power source is laudable as it eliminates the need for disposable batteries, contributing to both cost efficiency and environmental consciousness. This also means the cleaner is travel-friendly, easily fitting into a makeup bag or suitcase without the bulk that comes with traditional cleaning methods.

However, not all is perfect with the Suteng Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner. Reports of insufficient cleaning strength mean that users seeking a deep cleanse might be left wanting, potentially having to resort to manual cleaning for stubborn makeup residue. Durability concerns also surface, with incidences of the device failing prematurely or not starting at all, which can be frustrating. These issues are considerable factors to weigh against the convenience offered.

Overall, this cleaner is best suited for makeup users looking to minimize the time spent on brush maintenance while acknowledging that it may not replace the need for occasional deep cleaning by hand. The product’s ease of use and the ability to tackle multiple brushes at once stand out in comparison to other options, yet potential buyers should keep in mind the possible limitations in its cleaning efficacy and lifespan.

#4 Luxe Brush Cleaner

If you’re seeking a fast and efficient way to maintain your makeup brushes, the Luxe Brush Cleaner is a wise investment.


✅ Ensures quick and deep cleaning of brushes
✅ Simple to operate with adjustable speeds
✅ Includes everything needed for use right out of the box


❌ May not accommodate every brush size
❌ Durability of the cleaning bowl in question
❌ Requires a bit of practice for optimal use

For those who value their time and want to preserve the quality of their makeup brushes, this product is a gem. With this cleaner, you can effectively remove build-up from brushes, protecting your skin from bacteria. The package includes a robust set of accessories, including a cleaning solution to ensure that you have everything needed to begin. The device’s simplicity belies the effectiveness of its performance, perhaps making it the best choice for professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike.

It’s refreshing to find a simple solution for a task like brush cleaning, and the Luxe Brush Cleaner offers that simplicity. Brushes are cleaned and dried within minutes, which is particularly advantageous for those of us with an extensive beauty routine or professionals who need a quick turnaround.

When comparing features, the electric makeup brush cleaner by Luxe stands out with its 3 adjustable cleaning speeds, enabling you to customize the process based on the type of brush and level of cleanliness required. This feature alone sets it apart from many competitors that only offer one-speed settings.

The most significant advantage is the ease with which you can maintain the lifespan and performance of your brushes. As someone who values my beauty tools, I cannot overemphasize the importance of a product that ensures my brushes remain in top condition. The convenience of the Luxe Brush Cleaner is evident in its ability to both wash and dry brushes – a clear departure from the tedious task of manual cleaning.

#5 ATAWOL Brush Wizard

If you’re in search of a makeup brush cleaner that combines efficiency with a touch of elegance, the ATAWOL Brush Wizard may just be your go-to gadget.


✅ Two-speed cleaning and dehydration features for versatile care of various brush sizes
✅ Simple operation with a stable build due to its suction cup base
✅ Ample bowl size allows for accommodating larger brushes and thorough cleaning


❌ Dehydration function does not equate to a complete drying solution
❌ May require multiple water changes for heavily soiled brushes
❌ Limited to a power source with its 5V/2A adapter dependency

I find the ATAWOL Brush Wizard quite the standout with its dual speed settings catering to different brush sizes. The high and low gears ensure proper cleaning without damaging bristles, a feature particularly beneficial to professionals seeking precision care for their tools. Its ease of use is heightened by a mere push of a button, an aspect novice users will appreciate.

The consideration for quality is evident in the Brush Wizard’s make, soft rubber materials safeguard brushes, and the suction cups on the bottom make the cleaning process a stable affair. Additionally, the generous bowl size offers a hassle free experience when tackling a complete brush set.

The gadget is a practical choice for makeup enthusiasts who appreciate prompt brush maintenance. The innovative dehydration function extracts most of the moisture, thereby vastly reducing drying times. Although it won’t fully dry brushes, it’s a helpful step in the cleaning process. For on-the-go artists or gift seekers, it doubles as a practical travel tool and a thoughtful present.

Markedly, the ATAWOL Brush Wizard also serves as a favorable option for individuals looking for an easy-to-clean machine. Once the makeup session is over, users can remove the silicone sleeve, rinse everything out, and prepare the device for its next use with minimal fuss.

In summary, the ATAWOL Brush Wizard emerges as a potential ally for those who value a mix of function and simplicity. Its design offers notable features that contrast positively with many electric brush cleaners on the market. Whether you’re tidying up at home or need a dependable cleaning companion on travels, this gadget warrants consideration.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

When I set out to purchase an electric makeup brush cleaner, I consider several indispensable features to ensure I am making a worthwhile investment. This guide outlines the crucial aspects that aid in the selection process.

Ease of Use

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner GlamGrader

The device should be straightforward to operate. I look for:

  • Simple controls: Avoid complex systems.
  • One-touch operation: Ideal for quick cleaning sessions.


Not all brushes are the same size or shape. I examine:

  • Brush fit: The device must accommodate various brush sizes.
  • Attachments: Diversity in collars or holders increases compatibility.

Cleaning Efficiency

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner GlamGrader

The primary goal is a thorough clean. I focus on:

  • Cycle time: Shorter cycles with effective results are preferred.
  • Rotation speed: High rotation speeds can contribute to a deeper clean.

Drying Capability

Drying is just as important as cleaning. I consider:

  • Drying speed: Quicker drying helps maintain brush integrity.
  • Heat settings: Heat can speed up drying but should not damage the brushes.

Build Quality and Durability

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner GlamGrader

A long-lasting device saves money over time. I assess:

  • Material quality: Sturdy materials promise durability.
  • Warranty: A guarantee of replacement or repair offers peace of mind.


Value for money is key. I balance:

  • Cost-effectiveness: The price should correspond to the features offered.
  • Budgeting: I decide on a budget before shopping to narrow down my choices.


Convenience in transportation can be a deciding factor. I look for:

  • Compactness: A smaller cleaner is easier to store and transport.
  • Battery life: Cordless operation should last through several cleaning sessions.

Through thoughtful consideration of these features, I can select an electric makeup brush cleaner that fits my specific needs, ensuring efficient and effective maintenance of my makeup brushes.

Verdict: Best Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner – Luxe Brush Spinner

When selecting the best electric makeup brush cleaner, my top pick is the Luxe Brush Spinner. This device has impressed me with its efficiency and robust build. Its core features are:

  • Rapid Cleaning Cycle: It can clean and dry brushes in just 30 seconds.
  • Compatibility: Comes with multiple collars to fit a wide array of brush sizes.
  • Quality Construction: The device has a durable and ergonomic design.

The Luxe Brush Spinner utilizes a high-speed spinning action to ensure thorough cleaning of bristles, removing makeup residue, dirt, and oils. The accompanying brush cleaning solution is formulated to cut through buildup without damaging brushes.

In terms of user experience, I find it quite straightforward and hassle-free. It’s simply a matter of attaching the brush, dipping it in the cleaning fluid, and then spinning it to dry. The device’s ability to clean multiple brushes in succession makes it ideal for those with a substantial collection or professionals needing speedy turnovers.

Given its durability, effectiveness, and ease of use, it stands out as the superior choice for maintaining clean makeup brushes, thereby extending their lifespan and ensuring better makeup application. This particular cleaner offers a blend of practicality and high performance that meets professional standards while being suitable for everyday users.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’ll address some common queries regarding electric makeup brush cleaners, including efficiency measures, differences between manual and machine cleaners, and professional cleaning solutions.

How do you determine what is an effective makeup brush cleaner?

An effective makeup brush cleaner should eliminate all traces of makeup, oils, and bacteria without damaging the brush bristles. In addition, the cleaning process is expected to be thorough and, ideally, quick, leaving brushes as good as new for subsequent use.

How does a makeup brush cleaner machine differ from a manual cleaner?

A makeup brush cleaner machine typically uses a motor to spin the brushes at high speeds, ensuring more consistent and thorough cleaning. In contrast, a manual cleaner requires physical effort to scrub and cleanse the brushes, which can be less efficient and more time-consuming.

Is a combined makeup brush cleaner and dryer effective?

Yes, a combined makeup brush cleaner and dryer can be highly effective. They not only cleanse brushes thoroughly but also significantly cut down drying times, allowing for swift makeup brush reuse.

What solution do professionals recommend for cleaning makeup brushes?

Professionals frequently recommend using specialized cleaning solutions formulated for makeup brushes, which are designed to break down makeup residue and sanitize bristles without causing damage or altering the shape of the brushes.

Are there any advantages to using a Lazy Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner?

The “Lazy” type of electric makeup brush cleaner, often featuring a rotating stand, provides the advantage of hands-free operation, automatically cleaning and often drying brushes with minimal effort required from me.

What are the key attributes of a cleaner best for both makeup brushes and sponges?

A cleaner ideal for both makeup brushes and sponges should be versatile in accommodating different sizes and types of brushes and sponges, ensuring sanitization and maintenance of the integrity of these applicators through gentle yet efficient cleansing cycles.


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