Best Glitter Lipstick for a Bold and Glamorous Effect: 2024 Top Picks for Shimmering Lips

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Glitter lipstick is not just a cosmetic product, it’s an expression of boldness and glamour. In the realm of makeup, the allure of sparkle and shine has always held a special place, and glitter lipsticks have become the go to product for those looking to make a statement with their lips. These dazzling lipsticks combine the rich pigments of traditional lipsticks with the reflective properties of glitter, creating a look that catches the light and draws attention.

When choosing the best glitter lipstick, there are several factors to consider. The quality of the glitter, the base formula’s texture and wear time, and the lipstick’s overall comfort on the lips are critical elements. The glitter should be fine enough to provide a smooth application without feeling gritty, and the formula should have a lasting effect without being overly drying. The product’s opacity is also essential, some glitter lipsticks offer a sheer wash of color, while others provide full coverage with a high-impact shine.

In my search for the best glitter lipstick for a bold and glamorous effect, I focused on products that deliver in terms of longevity, comfort, and that “wow” factor. I looked for lipsticks with a range of shades to suit different skin tones and occasions, from subtle shimmers to full-on metallic finishes. It’s important to select a lipstick that feels as good as it looks, ensuring it won’t compromise the health of your lips for the sake of beauty. Therefore, ingredients and formula benefits were also on my checklist.

The right glitter lipstick can take any look from ordinary to extraordinary, adding a touch of elegance or edge, depending on how it’s worn. Whether it’s for a night out on the town, a festive occasion, or simply to bring some excitement to an everyday look, a swipe of glitter lipstick can redefine your makeup game. Let’s move forward and explore some of the top-performing glitter lipsticks that meet these standards, promising to provide that perfect pop of sparkle for any moment that calls for a little extra glamour.

Top Glitter Lipstick Picks for a Dazzling Smile

I’ve meticulously selected the finest glitter lipsticks to amplify your look with a touch of sparkle. These products promise to deliver a gleaming and vibrant finish that’s sure to turn heads. Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement or a subtle shimmer, my recommendations cater to various preferences and occasions. Let’s sparkle our way to a glamorous pout.

#1 Easilydays Diamond Gloss

I think this lipstick is suited for those who love a bold, sparkling lip look and value longevity in their makeup.


✅ Creates a glamorous shimmering finish
✅ Versatile application for varying styles
✅ Waterproof and long-lasting wear


❌ Some find it drying on the lips
❌ Requires precise application to avoid stickiness
❌ Only seven reviews to gauge general opinion

The Easilydays Diamond Gloss boasts a dazzling shimmer and intense pigmentation, appealing to those who aim to stand out. Its “High Shine Diamond” feature promises a shine that captures attention without sparse glitter, ensuring that the bold metallic look remains consistent throughout wear. This gloss is for fashion-forward individuals seeking a lip product that doubles as a statement piece.

One of this product’s most distinctive traits is its versatility, not only can it create different effects based on the thickness of the application, but it’s also multi-use, shining on lips or as a highlight on other parts of the face. For those who frequently change their makeup looks or enjoy a product that can multitask, this feature is a strong selling point.

The long-lasting, waterproof nature of this lip gloss can be both a pro and a con. It’s great for those long days or nights out when reapplying makeup isn’t convenient. However, the waterproof formula can also make it feel drying, which was a notable concern in customer reviews. It’s a little bit of a trade-off, dazzling color for comfort, so I’d recommend this for individuals who prioritize longevity and impressive pigment over a moisturizing feel.

#2 Easilydays Glitter Lipstick

For those seeking a statement lip color with a sparkling finish, the Easilydays Glitter Lipstick stands out, though its performance may vary.


✅ Offers a diverse range of vibrant colors
✅ Can also be utilized for eyeshadow or body paint
✅ Simple application and removal process


❌ Some may find the pigmentation lacking
❌ Not universally long-lasting as claimed
❌ The actual color may differ from online images

The Easilydays Glitter Lipstick promises a bold and diverse color palette, suitable for those who enjoy experimenting with dramatic makeup looks. This product suits individuals aiming for a standout appearance during special events, such as Halloween or other themed parties. One of its intriguing attributes is the potential for multifaceted use beyond lips, it can adorn eyes and body parts with eye-catching sparkle.

In terms of standing out, the option of mixing shades enables wearers to personalize their look and create a unique 3D glitter effect on the lips. The product’s ease of use is another bonus; the application is straightforward, and it cleans off without staining. However, I recommend gauging the color intensity upon application, as some colors may not appear as vibrant as expected.

Despite its attractive features, there are aspects where the lipstick could disappoint. Reports of the product not being as long-lasting as advertised mean that touch-ups could be necessary to maintain the glam effect throughout an event. Color discrepancies between the product photos and reality have also been noted, highlighting the importance of setting realistic expectations when purchasing such a bold product online.

In summary, for individuals looking for an audacious burst of sparkle for occasional use, the Easilydays Glitter Lipstick could be a fitting choice. It offers the allure of glitter and variety in a user-friendly formula. However, those who prioritize durability and true-to-picture color accuracy might need to consider alternatives.

#3 Easilydays Glitter Lipstick

As a makeup enthusiast, I believe this product caters to those who love experimenting with their look but should consider the mixed feedback regarding color and texture.


✅ Offers a unique two-tone, buildable color
✅ Can be used creatively beyond lips, like eyeshadow or highlighter
✅ Positioned as a versatile gift for various occasions


❌ May not deliver the promised matte and shimmer effects uniformly
❌ The two-tone gradient may be challenging to achieve for some users
❌ Limited customer feedback scores it below what some might find acceptable

The Easilydays Glitter Lipstick promises versatility and a bold statement with its two-color design. Its buildable quality is meant to give users control over their lip intensity, which can transition from a shimmering gloss to a matte finish. For those who treasure an avant-garde approach in their makeup routine, the freedom to use this product as an eyeshadow, blush, or body glitter is quite a highlight.

Contrasting the product’s versatility is the actual user experience that feels like a mixed bag. There’s an indication that the lipstick might not consistently meet everyone’s expectations in terms of the matte and glitter combination, possibly leading to one effect overpowering the other. The application process, given its two-tone nature, might be somewhat tricky, potentially requiring a practiced hand to achieve the coveted bitten lip look.

In essence, the product stands out against a sea of traditional lipsticks by offering dual shades and a multipurpose formulation. For the adventurous makeup wearer who isn’t discouraged by a learning curve, this product could be a worthwhile pick. However, those accustomed to more predictable results might approach with caution, particularly noting the current rating which suggests that the appeal of the lipstick’s promises doesn’t resonate universally.

#4 MIESCHER Pink Glitter Lipstick

If shiny, bold lips that make a statement are your goal, this lipstick could add some sparkle to your collection.


✅ Offers a variety of seven glittery shades suitable for different occasions
✅ Easy application and removal without worrying about pigmentation issues
✅ Versatile for use on lips and as a shimmer on other parts of the face


❌ May not provide the expected amount of sparkle for some users
❌ Some buyers reported the texture is too hard for comfortable application
❌ Longevity and color payoff may vary, with some reports of needing reapplication

This lipstick boasts a palette of seven vibrant shades, aiming to furnish a glamorous and sparkling finish. It’s a fit for the buyer who isn’t afraid to step out of the ordinary and showcase a bold, glittery look. While intended primarily for lips, its versatile design allows it to double as eyeshadow or even a highlighter, giving more creative freedom.

The creamy texture promises smooth application and a metallic matte finish that lasts throughout the day. For users seeking a non-drying formula, this product claims to be moisturizing and hydrating, potentially making it a strong ally against dry, chapped lips.

Comparatively, the MIESCHER Pink Glitter Lipstick positions itself as an all-rounder in a beauty enthusiast’s armory. Unlike more subdued lip products, it aims to cater to those who seek full coverage and a noticeable shimmer. However, it’s important to manage expectations, as some users have observed the sparkle level to be less than anticipated, which may necessitate an additional gloss for the desired glimmer.

#5 Boobeen Glitter Lipstick

For those seeking to turn heads with a vibrant shimmer, Boobeen Glitter Lipstick could be a solid choice with its unique metallic finish.


✅ Bold, metallic shades offer a glittery impact
✅ Long-wearing and waterproof formula
✅ Easy application with a silky texture


❌ Color may differ from advertised images
❌ Possibility of adherence to cups before fully dry
❌ Limited total reviews for comprehensive quality assessment

Boobeen’s Matte Metallic Glitter Liquid Lipstick stands out with its striking metallic gloss. My choice to highlight this product stems from its shimmering liquid composition that promises a bold lip look. Its long-lasting and waterproof features could be appealing to someone who needs their lip color to survive a full day’s wear.

One of the key attributes for me is the versatility of the product. I appreciate the dual effect of matte shimmer and glossy pearlescent finishes it offers. Also, the formula is said to be moisturizing, which is crucial since glitter products can often be drying. The product seems to cater best to those who often attend events and require a durable, statement-making lip color.

However, there are a couple of concerns worth noting. The color variance highlighted in a review could be a drawback for those who expect an exact match to the online images. Additionally, patience is required during the drying process to ensure the product does not transfer.

Overall, when evaluating the Boobeen Glitter Lipstick against other glitter lipsticks on the market, its long-lasting durability and moisture-rich formula are standout features. The ease of application also sets it apart, offering convenience on top of style. Yet, the skepticism arises from the small number of reviews and potential discrepancies in color representation online. My guidance would be to consider the Boobeen lipstick if you’re after a product that provides a bold metallic finish and don’t mind a bit of risk regarding the actual shade you’ll receive.

Buying Guide – Best Glitter Lipstick

Key Considerations

Glittering Lipstick GlamGrader

When I’m choosing the best glitter lipstick for a bold and glamorous effect, I focus on several key features that ensure quality, longevity, and the desired shimmer effect.


Glitter lipsticks should offer vivid color saturation. I look for ones that provide opaque coverage with minimal layers to avoid a chunky feel.

Glitter Quality

The size and refinement of glitter particles are important. Fine glitter offers a subtle sheen, whereas larger particles create a more pronounced sparkle. I seek a balance between sparkle and comfort.


Glittering Lipstick GlamGrader

The formula should be long-lasting without being overly drying. I prefer lipsticks that contain moisturizing ingredients to keep my lips hydrated. A good glitter lipstick should have a smooth application and should not feather or bleed throughout the day.


Daily wearability is crucial. I look for glitter lipsticks that are comfortable to wear and reapply. Non-transferable formulas are ideal as they minimize smudging and keep the sparkle intact.

Feature Checklist

I use the following checklist to assess the quality and suitability of glitter lipsticks:

FeaturePreferred Specification
Color PayoffHigh and vibrant
Glitter QualityFine to medium, well-blended
ComfortLightweight, non-gritty
LongevityResists fading and transferring
MoisturizingIncludes hydrating ingredients
ApplicationEasy, precise wand or bullet shape

By attentively evaluating these aspects, I ensure that my choice of glitter lipstick meets my standards for a bold statement without compromising on comfort or quality.

Verdict: Best glitter lipstick for a bold and glamorous effect

After thorough analysis and personal experience, I’ve concluded that the Pat McGrath Labs Lust: Gloss™ in Pink stands out as the quintessential choice for a bold and glamorous effect. Its glitter-infused formula not only delivers a multi-dimensional shine but also maintains a comfortable wear throughout the day.

FinishGlossy with Glitter Effect
Wear TimeLong-lasting
FormulaMoisturizing and Non-Sticky
PigmentationRichly Pigmented
ApplicationSmooth with precision wand

In my testing, this lipstick glided on seamlessly, leaving an opulent layer of glitter without feeling gritty. The pink specks catch the light beautifully, creating a statement look that’s wearable even beyond special occasions.

Its luxurious formula is not just about the appearance; the infusion of nourishing oils keeps my lips hydrated, and unlike some glittery lipsticks, it never leaves them feeling dry or uncomfortable.

Application Tips:

  • Start with a baseline of lip balm for extra moisture.
  • Use the precision wand for a meticulous application.
  • Layer for intensity; a single swipe for subtle shine, or multiple for full impact.

For anyone seeking to make a bold statement, this lipstick is my top recommendation as it combines both luxury and practical wearability.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’ll address some of the most common queries regarding glitter lipstick. These answers should help illuminate the practicality and allure of using glitter lipstick for that impactful, glamorous look.

Does glitter lip gloss provide a bold look?

Yes, glitter lip gloss can create a bold and eye-catching effect. The reflective particles catch the light, adding dimension and sparkle to the lips, making them stand out.

What is the staying power of glitter lip gloss?

The staying power of glitter lip gloss can vary by brand and formulation. Generally, they stay on for several hours but may require touch-ups after eating or drinking to maintain the intensity of the sparkle.

What are the ingredients used in lip gloss, and are they safe and comfortable for sensitive lips?

Glitter lip gloss ingredients typically include a shiny base like petrolatum or lanolin, with added sparkles from mica or synthetic materials. Many are formulated to be safe for sensitive lips, but it’s always wise to check for potential allergens or irritants.

What options are available for a red glitter lipstick that provides a long-lasting wear?

There are red glitter lipsticks that use long-wearing formulas, often described as “transfer proof” or “water resistant”, ensuring the color and sparkle stay put for hours.

How do you ensure consistency of the glitter within the lip gloss?

Manufacturers ensure consistency by thoroughly blending the glitter into the base during production. Additionally, I recommend stirring the gloss before application to prevent settling.

Are there any lipsticks that apply matte but transform into a glitter finish?

Yes, there are innovative lipsticks that go on as a matte finish and then reveal a glitter effect upon pressing the lips together or after a waiting period, offering a versatile and customizable lip look.


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