Best Lipstick Set: Top Picks for Stunning Lips in 2024

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Within the realm of lip products, a lipstick set stands out as an ideal choice for anyone looking to explore multiple shades or finishes without the commitment of purchasing full-size versions. These curated collections often come in ranges from the very subtle to the strikingly bold, in textures from glossy to matte. It’s also common to find them featuring additional elements like matching lip liners or glosses, allowing for full lip looks all within one package.

When considering the purchase of a lipstick set, it’s essential to examine the ingredients for any potential allergens or irritants, especially if you have sensitive skin. The longevity of wear, how the color translates from the tube to the lips, and the set’s variety of shades should also inform your decision. Equally crucial is assessing the value of the set, does the quantity and quality justify the cost?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of selecting the perfect set by evaluating numerous options, focusing on their wearability, ingredient quality, and color range. Our effort is directed at ensuring you have access to enduring, comfortable, and versatile lipstick sets that can meet a multitude of needs and preferences.

Top Lipstick Sets for Every Style

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you our favorite lipstick sets that promise to deliver quality, variety, and value. Whether you’re seeking bold, adventurous colors or classic shades for everyday wear, we’ve got something for everyone. Lipstick is a staple in any makeup routine, and having a set means you’re always prepared with the perfect touch of color to match your mood or outfit. Get ready to pucker up with our top picks, each offering something special for your beauty collection.

#1 Evpct Mini Lipstick Set

Slip an entire palette of options into your bag with this miniature set that’s as versatile as it is charming.


✅ A diverse color range that caters to various occasions and skin tones
✅ Extremely portable thanks to the innovative capsule design
✅ The smooth, matte finish gives a sophisticated look


❌ Some shades may not appear as vibrant on all skin tones
❌ The smaller size might not last as long as full-sized lipsticks
❌ A few users reported broken pieces upon delivery

We’ve just had a chance to try the Evpct 12Pcs Capsule Pills Lipstick Mini Matte Lipstick Set, and it’s honestly a mixed bag of tiny treasures. Especially for those of us who love to switch up our looks regularly. These mini lipsticks hit the mark. Their capsule size is perfect for slipping into a purse or even your pocket. Whether you’ve got back-to-back meetings or an impromptu night out, you’ll have a color for every scenario.

Surprisingly, each shade glides on with an ease that’s noteworthy for such a compact product. The matte finish is quite trendy, and we’ve noticed how it doesn’t dry out the lips, quite the feat! While the shades range from nudes to deep reds, they may not pop on every skin tone as expected. It’s a reality we’ve noticed when sharing amongst friends with a variety of complexions.

If you’re someone who dislikes carrying around bulky makeup or enjoys experimenting with different colors without committing to a full-sized tube, this set could be your perfect match. Despite the size, the lipstick bullets are sturdy in their individual capsules, if you’re lucky to receive them intact. It’s a shame that there’s a risk of breakage, but our set was flawless and we bet yours will be too.

Overall, this Evpct collection intrigued us with its novelty and won us over with its performance, making it a delightful choice for anyone who values variety and portability in their makeup arsenal.

#2 Revlon 5 Piece Lip Kit

We are confident you will adore the Revlon 5 Piece Lip Kit for its lush colors and finishes, perfect for every mood and occasion.

We recently got our hands on the Revlon 5 Piece Lip Kit, and we’re thoroughly impressed. From rich creams to subtle pearls, this set has quickly become a staple in all our beauty routines. The lipsticks glide on with a creamy, dream-like texture that promises not to dry out your lips, something we’ve all been grateful for during those longer days.

The selection of shades provided caters well to those who appreciate variety. Whether you’re aiming for a bold, statement lip or a more understated elegance, there’s a color here that will match the vibe. Transitioning from day to night has never been easier with these staples at the ready.

Longevity is also a standout feature here. The colors stay vibrant hours after application, minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups. They stay put fairly well, though we did notice that after a meal, you might need to reapply to maintain the flawless finish.

This lipstick set is especially perfect for buyers looking for multitasking products that offer a range of finishes. While matte enthusiasts might desire more options, the creamy and pearl finishes are undeniably gorgeous and comfortable to wear. If you’re someone who values comfortable wear without compromising on color payoff, this set deserves a-spot in your makeup kit. The matte included is sumptuous and doesn’t leave lips feeling parched, an often encountered issue with less superior formulas.

Compared to other lip sets we’ve tried, the Revlon Kit holds its own with undeniable comfort and a diverse color palette. These aren’t just lipsticks; they feel like a treatment for your lips, thanks to their buttery composition. Here, quality meets quantity, providing a uniquely satisfying lip experience.

#3 QiBest 7Pcs Matte Liquid Lipstick + 1Pcs Lip Plumper Makeup Set

We believe this QiBest lipstick set is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to diversify their lip color options with long-lasting wear.


✅ Richly pigmented shades that provide full coverage in one swipe
✅ Velvet matte finish that manages to stay comfortable on the lips
✅ Versatile color range suitable for various occasions and seasons


❌ The matte texture might feel a bit dry for some
❌ Reapplication over the initial layer can lead to slight clumping
❌ Some colors may not suit all skin tones, limiting use

When we got our hands on the QiBest Matte Liquid Lipstick set, the first thing we noticed was the array of vibrant shades. From bold reds to subtle nudes, the set has a color for every mood and occasion. The velvety matte finish was genuinely impressive; it didn’t budge through our busy day. Also, the added lip plumper is a nice touch for those times when we’re looking for an extra bit of va-va-voom.

The lipsticks felt surprisingly lightweight despite their pigmentation. Trust us, it’s a relief not to feel like your lips are weighed down by heavy products. The texture is creamy upon application, smoothing over the lips with ease. Plus, the hydration level is commendable for a matte product, making this set a reliable ally against the dreaded dry lip look.

However, it’s a good idea to prep your lips with a bit of balm if you’re prone to dryness, as the matte formula can accentuate this. And for us, we found that the best approach to reapplication was to cleanly remove the initial layer before adding more, as layering fresh lipstick directly sometimes led to minor clumping. Yet, the minor effort is worthwhile for the color payoff and endurance.

These lipsticks cater especially well to those looking for an all-in-one set that can take them from their daytime professional look to an evening out. If you want your lips to make a statement without constant touch-ups, this set could be the perfect fit for you. The only caveat would be to swatch the colors against your skin tone as not all may be your cup of tea but with seven shades to play with, you’re bound to find several favorites.

#4 Ownest 24 Color Lip Set

For those in need of a diverse color palette with stay-put power, we think this lipstick set from Ownest checks the boxes without breaking the bank.


✅ Wide range of shades
✅ Long-lasting without transferring
✅ Great value for the variety


❌ Some colors may require layering
❌ Can be drying without lip balm
❌ No included gloss for moisture or shine

Having just tried out the 24 Color Matte Velvety Liquid Lipstick Set from Ownest, we are still embracing the bold variety and the matte finish that it so confidently delivers. We’re entranced by the richness each shade brings to our lips, an effect only heightened by their impressive staying power. We didn’t have to worry about them budging; they stuck firmly in place much to our delight.

After application, we were obliged to admire the tenacity of the matte formula. The claims of waterproof and non-stick certainly hold up. A coffee cup test left us with a clear cup and intact color. We love that there’s something for everyone, from neutrals for the minimalists among us to bolder hues for the more adventurous souls.

However, we noticed a trade-off for such durability. Without prior moisturizing, our lips felt a bit parched, as if yearning for a drop of lip balm. To remedy this, we suggest prepping the lips with a nourishing base, though this might compromise its longevity slightly, it will ensure enhanced comfort throughout wear.

This collation is ideal for makeup enthusiasts who revel in having a plethora of options at their fingertips—whether it be for daily wear or crafting looks for special occasions. Given that the set comes at such a reasonable price, it’s temptingly cost-effective for someone looking to expand their lip wardrobe without emptying their wallet.

#5 COOSA Velvet Lip Set

If you’re in the market for a luxurious lipstick set that can keep up with your all-day events, the COOSA Velvet Lip Set should definitely be on your radar.


✅ The color selection is diverse, allowing for individual expression on every occasion
✅ Contains Vitamin E, promoting lip health beyond just aesthetics
✅ The non-stick, waterproof formulation ensures longevity, even through meals and drinks


❌ Some of the colors may not be universally appealing
❌ The matte texture might feel drying to some users without proper lip preparation
❌A gloss or balm might be needed for those who prefer a more hydrated feel

Venturing into the world of vibrant lip colors with the COOSA Velvet Lip Set has been quite the experience for us. We relished the opportunity to experiment with the 12 different shades, each one applying with a satisfying matte finish that’s been all the rage. The variety surpasses simple visual appeal; it allows us to express different aspects of our personality without uttering a single word, from the audacious reds to the sultry nudes.

We’ve found these lipsticks exceptionally fitting for anyone who loves a statement lip that doesn’t demand frequent touch-ups. During a busy day, its waterproof attributes reign supreme, effortlessly combatting the common adversaries of lipstick longevity, such as sips of coffee and light snacking. For those of us eager to keep our lips as lush as they are colorful, the formula’s inclusion of Vitamin E is a boon, providing nourishing benefits in addition to vivid color.

Standing out amid a sea of lip products, we’ve noted a couple of key features that make this set shine. The high matte pigments deliver a look that’s both chic and sophisticated, rivaling even the priciest of competitors, and the ease of application is noteworthy, gliding onto lips with a no-tug precision that promises a polished finish. When stacked against other products we’ve used, these lipsticks hold their own, especially when considering the feeling of luxury they provide at a fraction of the cost.

What we really appreciate is the thoughtful packaging, which not only makes it an attractive gift but also ensures each tube is a delight to discover and use. However, if matte isn’t your preferred finish, or you have the tendency for dry lips, a bit of prep with a hydrating balm might be in order before you apply these colors. Regardless, the COOSA Velvet Lip Set is well suited to lipstick lovers who value variety, longevity, and the joy of showcasing a different lip color for every mood and occasion.

Buying Guide – Best Lipstick Set

Determine Your Needs

Before purchasing a lipstick set, we should consider our color preferences and the occasions for which we will use the lipsticks. Are we looking for bold, vibrant colors for nights out, or more subdued tones for everyday wear?


We must decide on the type of formula that suits our lips best. Options include:

  • Matte: delivers a flat, non-shiny finish
  • Cream: offers a smooth application with a bit of shine
  • Gloss: provides a high-shine, wet look


Lipstick sets GlamGrader

Paying attention to ingredients ensures we choose a product good for our lip health. We look for:

  • Moisturizing elements: like Vitamin E and aloe vera
  • Avoid potentially harmful ingredients: like parabens and phthalates


Long-lasting wear is a priority for many of us. We seek out:

  • Long-wear formulas: that claim to last a certain number of hours
  • Transfer-proof: options for a no-smudge experience

Price Range

Lipstick sets GlamGrader

We determine our budget and find the best quality within it. Keep in mind that more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Shades and Pigmentation

A variety of shades in a set ensures we have options for different looks. We also look for good pigmentation for full coverage with fewer applications.

Shade VarietyMultiple shades for versatility
PigmentationHigh-quality for intense color

By considering all these factors, we can find the best lipstick set that caters to our personal preferences and needs, without settling for less.

Verdict: The Best Lipstick Set for Trying Out Different Shades and Finishes

When we scoured the market for a lipstick set that offered a range of shades and finishes, we considered variety, quality, and value. Our top pick strikes a perfect balance between these elements, making it ideal for both lipstick aficionados and novices who wish to experiment with their look.

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Set checks all the boxes:

  • Variety of Shades: From understated nudes to classic reds and bold berries, this set allows us to sample a spectrum of colors suited for any occasion or mood.
  • Mix of Finishes: Matte, satin, gloss—this set includes a diverse selection. We can switch from a daytime satin to a nighttime gloss without skipping a beat.
  • Quality and Brands: Featuring well-known brands, the lipsticks have rich pigments and are long-lasting, ensuring that we get the most out of each application.
  • Value: The set offers great value, providing a cost-effective way to try multiple products before committing to full-size purchases.

Here’s a quick overview:

NudeSatinBrand A
Classic RedMatteBrand B
Bold BerryGlossBrand C

For those of us looking to explore and find our signature lip color or simply enjoy the freedom of choice, the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Set is our go-to selection. It’s a delightful blend of versatility and quality that won’t disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing the best lipstick set for you, it’s important to note the variety of finishes offered, the quality and safety of the ingredients, the longevity and comfort of wear, everyday suitability, and the pigmentation quality of the lipsticks included.

Do Most Sets Include Various Finishes?

Yes, most lipstick sets come with a range of finishes to suit different occasions including matte, satin, and glossy options. Having multiple finishes allows for versatility and experimentation with different looks.

How Do You Know Whether the Ingredients Used in the Lip Sets Are Safe and High-Quality?

We look for sets that are dermatologist-tested and follow the FDA guidelines for cosmetics. High-quality lipstick sets list their ingredients openly and often boast of being paraben-free, cruelty-free, and made without harmful chemicals.

How Do I Find Lipstick Sets That Are Long-Lasting and Comfortable to Wear?

We seek out sets with formulations that promise a long wear time without drying out the lips. Reading customer reviews and looking for lipsticks with hydrating ingredients can also indicate comfort and longevity.

Can You Recommend a Type of Lipstick Suitable for Everyday Application?

For everyday use, we recommend lipsticks with a hydrating formula and a neutral color palette. Look for words like ‘sheer’, ‘balm’, or ‘cream’ in sets to ensure they are comfortable for daily wear.

What Are Some Options for Beautifully Pigmented Lipsticks in a Set?

We suggest sets from reputable brands that have a history of delivering richly pigmented shades. These sets often feature a spectrum of colors, from bold to subtle, ensuring a shade for every mood and occasion.


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