Best Makeup Artist Travel Case: Top 2024 Picks for On the Go Professionals

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A makeup artist travel case is essential for those makeup artists travelling to ensure that you have an efficient way to not only transport a wide array of tools and products but that they are organized, secure, and easily accessible. Traveling as a makeup artist requires not only skill and creativity but also an efficient way to transport a wide array of tools and products. These cases come in various sizes, designs, and with different storage options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of makeup professionals. The right case can mean the difference between a cluttered work environment and a streamlined, professional setup, regardless of location.

When selecting the best makeup artist travel case, several factors come into play. Durability is paramount; a case should withstand the rigors of travel without compromising the safety of its contents. Interior spaces must be customizable to adapt to the varying sizes and shapes of makeup products and accessories. Additionally, mobility is crucial, with options such as wheels and telescoping handles being preferred for effortless transport.

It’s also essential to consider the overall design, which should not only reflect the artist’s personal style but also contribute to their work efficiency. High-quality materials, lockable compartments, and ease of maintenance are other critical aspects that we examine to ensure that the cases we recommend meet professional standards.

With these considerations in mind, we explore the market to find makeup artist travel cases that offer the best balance between functionality and style. The process we use scrutinizes each product’s features, ensuring they meet the high demands of the dynamic world of makeup artistry. The ideal travel case should serve as a mobile workstation that caters to all the needs of a makeup professional on the go.

Top Makeup Artist Travel Cases

As veteran beauty enthusiasts, we understand the importance of staying organized and efficient while on the move. Our curated selection of top travel cases caters to the specific needs of makeup artists. We prioritize durability, design, and ample space, ensuring that your precious tools and products remain secure and accessible throughout your travels. Here are our favorite picks that stand out for their exceptional quality and functionality.

#1 LENJKYYO Rolling Makeup Case

For those in the beauty profession needing a robust and spacious case for travel, this LENJKYYO Rolling Makeup Case stands out as a trustworthy choice.


✅ Durable build quality with a large load-bearing capacity
✅ Generous storage space with an array of compartments and drawers
✅ Enhanced security with durable locks and multiple keys


❌ Somewhat bulky which may not be ideal for lighter travel
❌ Requires regular maintenance of wheels to preserve smooth movement
❌ Color options are limited which might not suit personal style preferences

We recognize the importance of durable construction in a travel case. This case offers exceptional strength with a combination of ABS, aluminum alloy, and iron, designed to withstand the rigors of travel without buckling under the weight of your kit.

Storage capacity can be a deciding factor for us and this case excels with two expandable trays, a middle compartment, and two bottom drawers. This variety accommodates a wide range of cosmetics, tools, and accessories easily, allowing for organized access to all items.

For us, security is non-negotiable. Thankfully, the LENJKYYO case comes equipped with four locks and keys to secure your professional arsenal. Not only does it keep your items safe, but it also offers peace of mind when traveling.

In terms of comparison to other makeup travel cases on the market, the LENJKYYO Professional Rolling Makeup Case stands out with its heavy-duty construction and capacious design. Its ability to move and fix in place with its telescopic rod and universal wheels makes it highly functional for professionals continually on the move.

To summarize, this case is perfect for professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and beauticians who require a dependable travel solution that offers bountiful space and protection. Its features ensure that gear remains secure and organized, all while being easy to transport.

#2 VEVOR Makeup Travel Case

We think the VEVOR Makeup Travel Case is ideal for professionals who value organization and portability in their makeup storage solutions.


✅ Spacious design with versatile trays and compartments
✅ Robust construction using quality materials for durability
✅ Portable with its lightweight design and smooth wheels


❌ Limited customer feedback due to recent availability
❌ Potentially too large for casual use
❌ Higher price point compared to some alternatives

Among multiple options for makeup storage, this case stands out for its generous storage capacity. The design caters to the intricacies of a professional makeup artist’s toolkit, featuring organized compartments and a brush holder that ease the hassle of sorting and finding the right tools.

The case is crafted from high-hardness, wear-resistant materials, a detail we find critical for the longevity of the case. It’s evident that the case is built to withstand the rigors of travel and frequent use, which is a significant advantage for professionals on the go.

Portability is another impressive feature. The lighter weight and smooth rolling wheels contribute to effortless transport from one venue to another, which is a boon for those with a dynamic work schedule.

We appreciate the thoughtful additions, such as the built-in mirror with adjustable LED lights, which provides convenience and functionality. The USB interface for phone charging and a lockable design for security are practical touches that enhance the user’s experience.

In summary, the VEVOR Makeup Travel Case is best suited for makeup artists and professionals who seek a sturdy and portable makeup station. It’s a substantial investment, but we find its features to be a strong match for the requirements of demanding professional use.

#3 BYOOTIQUE 3IN1 Travel Case

We think this travel case is a wise pick for makeup professionals who prioritize organization and style on the go.


✅ Spacious and versatile with multiple sections and detachable options
✅ Customizable storage with retractable trays for easy access to products
✅ Durable design with water-resistant material and sturdy frame


❌ Bulky for some, potentially challenging to manage without removing sections
❌ Limited space in the top section when compared to the entire case
❌ Wheels may require handling with care to avoid malfunctions

Traveling makeup artists often face the challenge of transporting their treasure trove of products securely and systematically. The gradient black with glitzy gold accents of BYOOTIQUE’s travel case instantly grabs attention and delivers a touch of sophistication. It’s an embodiment of both style and function, resonating with creative professionals who like to make a statement.

One of the standout attributes is the case’s customizable storage. The top section unveils four retractable trays, simplifying the organization of smaller items like lipsticks and powders. Its versatility also shines, with the ability to use the top as a handbag or attach it to the bottom section for more extensive needs. The robust construction reassures that your cosmetics stay safeguarded, featuring a water-resistant PU leather exterior and an aluminum frame.

However, while storage is generous, the top compartment may feel cramped when laden with products, compelling a bit of strategic packing. Additionally, the impressive capacity can be a double-edged sword, as some might find it bulky when fully assembled. Another consideration is the detachable wheels, they enhance mobility but may need careful maintenance to remain in top shape.

For pros who juggle various appointments or for those setting up at events, this case is ideal. It offers ample room, is customizable for different setups, and exudes professionalism. Makeup aficionados desiring a portable studio’s convenience without sacrificing style will find this makeup travel case aligns well with their needs.

#4 Tolsous Makeup Case

If you’re a professional makeup artist on the go, this case is designed to provide convenience and security for all your beauty essentials.


✅ Built-in LED lights ensure optimal illumination
✅ Secure aluminum construction with lock and key for safety
✅ Integrated Bluetooth speakers for an elevated makeup application experience


❌ Heavier design due to robust materials
❌ Limited color options may not suit all tastes
❌ Could be over-featured for casual users

As traveling makeup artists, we understand the importance of having a reliable, all-in-one station that adapts to various settings and events. The Tolsous Makeup Case is equipped with adjustable stand legs, offering six height selections, ensuring it meets the needs of diverse working environments. Our tools remain secured thanks to the high-quality aluminum frame and fireproof outer casing, complementing both travel and storage purposes.

What sets this case apart is the full-screen mirror with 8 LED lights, allowing for precise applications under clear, adjustable lighting. The addition of two Bluetooth speakers also means we can set the tone for any makeup session, creating an ambiance that not only we, but also our clients, can enjoy.

Despite its robust feature set, the case may challenge those who prefer lightweight options for travel. Though the practicality of the wheels and stand add a level of portability, the overall weight could be a concern for some. This may influence the buyer’s decision if weight is a deciding factor.

The Tolsous Makeup Case is most suitable for professional artists who prioritize a mobile studio with secure, multifunctional capabilities. For those in need of a durable, advanced setup, this case offers a balanced mix of practicality and innovation in managing the demands of travel and varied work locations.

#5 Pro 4-in-1 Makeup Case

With its versatile features and solid build, this makeup case suits professionals who value organization and mobility.


✅ Customizable compartments for varied needs
✅ Sturdy construction with protective features
✅ Smooth mobility with 360-degree wheels


❌ Limited reviews may concern some buyers
❌ May be overwhelming in size for casual use
❌ A 3.5-star rating suggests potential for improvement

Crafted for convenience, the Professional 4 in 1 Rolling Makeup Train Case is a boon for makeup artists and stylists constantly on the go. We appreciate the flexible design that adapts to diverse requirements; you can scale the case up or down depending on the day’s necessities. In the world of cosmetics, where damage can mean loss, the separated middle tray with adjustable baffles protects and organizes your items securely.

We also consider the endurance of a product like this. This case is constructed with high-grade materials, designed to withstand the rigors of travel. The reinforced frame and corrosion-resistant rods ensure longevity. This feature is critical; imagine our peace of mind knowing that our tools and products are safeguarded within a durable shell.

On the road, we find seamless transport is crucial. That’s where the rubber wheels and stable pull handle come into play, enabling effortless transitions from location to location. We believe that professionals will find this blend of spaciousness and secure portability aligns perfectly with their needs.

While some may find the case too large for light use or be hesitant given the modest number of reviews, we recognize its potential for professionals seeking a comprehensive storage solution. It’s always wise to weigh the pros against the cons but in terms of functionality and sturdiness, we find this case stands out.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Makeup Artist Travel Case

Capacity and Size

Makeup Artist Travel Case GlamGrader

We’ll need to consider how much makeup we plan to carry. A larger case is essential for professionals, while a smaller, more compact case suffices for personal travel. It’s about finding the right balance between size and storage.

  • Small: Ideal for personal items and short trips.
  • Medium: A versatile choice for moderate collections.
  • Large: Necessary for extensive collections and professional use.

Material and Durability

We should look for materials that offer durability and protection against damage. High-quality fabrics, leathers, or hard-shell plastics are excellent choices for long-term use.

  • Fabrics: Lightweight but may require waterproofing.
  • Leathers: Sturdy with a premium feel but can be heavy.
  • Hard-shell plastics: Exceptional protection but can add weight.

Organization Features

Makeup Artist Travel Case GlamGrader

Compartments and pockets help us keep items organized and accessible. Adjustable dividers and clear sections are desirable for customizing the space and finding products quickly.

Removable dividersCustomizable interior layout
PocketsAdditional organization for small items
Clear sectionsEasy visibility to contents


Ease of transport is key for makeup artists on the go. Look for features that enhance portability, such as wheels and telescopic handles.

  • Shoulder straps: For carrying comfort
  • Telescopic handles: For rolling cases through transit
  • Wheels: Convenient for heavy cases

Protection and Security

Makeup Artist Travel Case GlamGrader

Our gear must stay secure. Consider cases with locks or secure zippers to ensure our products are protected during travel.

  • Locks: For added security against unauthorized access
  • Secure zippers: To prevent spillage and maintain the integrity of contents

Verdict: Best Makeup Artist Travel Case

After examining various models, we have concluded that the Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case is the top choice for makeup artists on the go. Its robust design and considerable capacity make it stand out. Below, we list the key features that solidify its position:

  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality Oxford Fabric, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of travel.
  • Adjustable Compartments: Features 12 adjustable dividers that allow for custom organization.
  • Ample Storage: Sizeable enough to hold a pro artist’s makeup arsenal, including pallets, brushes, and tools.
  • Portable: Comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and a handle for easy transportation.
  • Versatility: Not only for makeup, it’s also suitable for storing hair accessories, nail tools, and other cosmetics.
MaterialHigh-Density Oxford Fabric
Compartments1 Large section with 12 Adjustable Dividers
Portable FeatureShoulder Strap and Durable Handle
DimensionApproximately 10.3 x 9 x 3.6 inches
Protective FeaturesPadded inner layer

We recommend this case for its balance of functionality, durability, and value. It addresses all the needs for organization and protection of makeup supplies while ensuring portability. Whether for freelance jobs or large events, the Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case supports makeup artists in their craft with efficiency and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about selecting and utilizing makeup artist travel cases, focusing on features, waterproof benefits, ratings, dual-purpose designs, built-in lighting options, and compartmentalization strategies for organization.

What are the essential features to look for in a makeup artist travel case?

When choosing a travel case, we recommend prioritizing durable materials, adjustable compartments, lockable zippers, and a sturdy handle or wheels for ease of mobility. These features ensure the longevity and efficiency of the case.

How can a waterproof travel case benefit makeup artists on the go?

A waterproof travel case protects makeup from water damage and allows for easy cleaning in case of spills. This is particularly valuable for makeup artists working in humid climates or near bodies of water.

How do you determine what are the best-rated travel makeup cases?

We seek out travel makeup cases with high ratings by considering user reviews, industry recommendations, and our own experience. Top-rated cases usually offer a combination of durability, space, organization, and aesthetic appeal.

Which travel makeup bags are designed to carry both makeup and toiletries efficiently?

Travel bags designed with separate compartments for makeup and toiletries, preferably with waterproof lining, are optimal. Look for bags that offer flexibility in compartment sizes to accommodate various product dimensions.

What options are available for travel makeup bags with built-in lighting?

Several travel bags come with built-in LED lighting, providing adequate lighting conditions for makeup application in any setting. These are particularly useful for artists who must work in areas with poor lighting.

How can you effectively utilize compartments in a travel makeup bag for organization?

By using a case with customizable compartments, we can tailor the organization to our specific tools and products. It’s helpful to sort items by type or frequency of use and ensure there’s a designated spot for each item to maintain order.


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