Best Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine: Top Picks in 2024 for Effortless Maintenance

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Regular cleansing is essential to maintain the integrity of a brush’s bristles and ensure a hygienic makeup application process, which leads us to the innovation of makeup brush cleaner machines. Makeup application is an art that demands precision, and the tools used are as important as the makeup itself. Brushes play a pivotal role in achieving a flawless look, but they also accumulate product residue, oils, and bacteria which can affect the skin and the performance of the brushes.

These nifty devices are designed to thoroughly clean and dry makeup brushes in a matter of minutes, a task that, if done manually, could take hours including drying time. They use a combination of motion, cleaning solutions, and sometimes even ultraviolet light to disinfect the brushes. As an avid user of makeup, I understand the difference a clean brush can make in application and skin health.

When looking for the best makeup brush cleaner machine, it’s critical to consider factors such as the compatibility with different brush sizes, the quality of materials and construction, the speed of cleaning and drying, the type of cleaning solution used, and any additional features that might enhance the efficacy of the device. I keep an eye on efficiency and how gentle a machine is on the bristles of the brushes since preserving their lifespan is just as important as getting them clean.

Having considered the essentials, the transition to what I found to be the best makeup brush cleaner machines in the market will provide a clearer direction for those looking to invest in clean, high-performance brushes for a better makeup application experience.

Top Makeup Brush Cleaner Machines

In my quest to maintain impeccable makeup application, I’ve gathered a selection of the top makeup brush cleaner machines on the market. These machines provide an efficient and thorough cleaning, which is crucial for the longevity of your brushes and the health of your skin. Each recommended product stands out for its ability to clean brushes with ease, ensuring that the tools you use for your daily beauty ritual remain in pristine condition.

#1 Kidswon Brush Cleaner

For makeup enthusiasts in need of a time-saving cleaning solution, this Kidswon brush cleaner could be a worthwhile investment due to its ease of use and compatibility with various brush sizes.


✅ Compatible with different brush sizes
✅ Simplifies the brush cleaning process
✅ USB powered for convenient charging


❌ May not clean as thoroughly as manual methods
❌ Lid may become loose during use
❌ Some users report issues with the power function

The Kidswon Brush Cleaner Machine stands out for its ability to accommodate a wide range of brush sizes, meaning I don’t have to use multiple gadgets for different brushes. Its automatic cleaning function is a major draw for those who find manual cleaning tedious. The USB power feature is convenient, ensuring I can charge the device with ease, which is great for both home and travel use.

When considering the downsides, it’s noteworthy that some users mention the machine doesn’t always clean as comprehensively as manual washing. This might not be ideal for brushes heavily laden with long-wearing makeup products. Moreover, a few reviews indicate that the machine’s lid could become loose and they had to hold it down, which somewhat negates the hands-free appeal. Lastly, there have been comments regarding the machine’s power function, with rare instances of it being non-responsive, so potential buyers might want to keep an eye on this aspect while making their decision.

In my view, the Kidswon Brush Cleaner Machine is a good fit for someone with a sizable collection of makeup brushes who prioritizes convenience and time efficiency in their cleaning routine. It’s particularly well suited for regular brushes used for powder-based products. Its key features, including the automatic spinning mechanism and USB charging, certainly offer a modern approach to makeup brush maintenance that could set it apart from other options. However, its effectiveness compared to manual cleaning and the issues with the lid and power may affect the overall user experience.

#2 RICRIS Premium Brush Cleaner

I think the RICRIS Premium Brush Cleaner is a solid choice for those looking to maintain their makeup brushes with ease and efficiency.


✅ Speedy cleaning and drying cycles
✅ Accommodates various brush sizes
✅ Intuitive three-step operation


❌ Requires batteries, no USB charging option
❌ Bowl material may feel somewhat flimsy
❌ Rubber collars might be difficult to remove

For makeup enthusiasts who need to clean their brushes regularly, the RICRIS Premium Brush Cleaner is quite a handy tool. This machine efficiently cleans and dries brushes in less than a minute, which is quite a time saver as opposed to traditional methods.

The RICRIS brush cleaner also comes with multiple collars to fit a variety of brush sizes, making it adaptable for pretty much any makeup brush in one’s collection. Having an electric switch simplifies operation, contributing to the device’s user-friendliness.

One of the best features of the RICRIS brush cleaner is its ability to not only clean but also dry brushes rapidly. This 2-in-1 feature means that brushes are ready to be used soon after cleaning, which is perfect for those with a busy makeup routine.

However, it’s worth noting that the product runs on batteries instead of being rechargeable via USB, which might be inconvenient for some. And although the device is praised for its effectiveness, the bowl is made of plastic that may not give the sturdiest impression, yet users find it adequate for regular use. Moreover, detaching brushes from the rubber collars can sometimes be tricky, but they do perform their primary function well.

#3 Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you’re seeking efficiency and hygiene in brush cleaning, this Selene device is a solid investment.


✅ Highly efficient, reducing cleaning and drying time significantly
✅ Universal fit for a range of brush sizes
✅ USB rechargeability adds convenience


❌ Brushes may require pre-scrubbing for optimal cleanliness
❌ Could be less efficient for double-ended brushes
❌ Some users reported receiving units with minor scratches or wear

Makeup enthusiasts or professional artists could find the Selene Makeup Brush Cleaner a game changer. This device’s ability to clean and dry brushes rapidly is impressive. My investigation into the unit’s performance suggests that it fulfills the promise of speed and convenience. It boasts a variety of rubber collars to accommodate differing brush sizes, which is a significant advantage.

The product’s versatility extends to its power options. With USB charging, there’s an appeal in its portability and flexibility. Now, let’s pivot to the setbacks. Despite being pegged as a cleaner, you might need to do some upfront cleaning work yourself, especially if the brushes are heavily coated with makeup.

However, the most highlighted features are the fast cleaning and drying times and the compatibility with various brush types. These attributes make the Selene cleaner stand out, especially when time is of the essence. For buyers who value swift maintenance of their makeup tools, this product could be an ideal match.

#4 Ubisye Makeup Brush Cleaner

This machine is a solid investment for maintaining clean, performant makeup brushes essential for hygienic and effective makeup application.


✅ Effective deep cleaning of brushes
✅ Suitable for a variety of tools
✅ Pleasantly scented formula


❌ Results may vary with brush type
❌ Slower cleaning process for some users
❌ Lack of directions on usage

For those who take their beauty regime seriously, having the Ubisye Makeup Brush Cleaner might be a game changer. Not only does it promise to remove makeup residue efficiently, but it is also designed to protect the integrity of the brushes in the long term. Its suitability for all makeup tools, from brushes to sponges, is a sign of its versatility and a big plus for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike.

The specialized mild formula of this cleaner is a standout feature, targeting stubborn makeup without harming the bristles. I find that this aspect is particularly useful when dealing with high-quality or delicate brushes that require gentle care. Moreover, maintaining the cleanliness of makeup application tools is imperative for skin health; this product’s chemical-free solution aligns with this priority.

However, potential buyers should note that some users have found the cleaning process to be slower than expected. Additionally, the absence of explicit directions for usage implies a bit of trial and error may be necessary to optimize the use of this cleaner.

In conclusion, the Ubisye Makeup Brush Cleaner seems to be tailored for those who seek thorough cleansing for a variety of makeup tools and favor a product that promotes both efficiency and brush longevity. Considering its large capacity and the need to keep brushes in top condition, it strikes me as a practical choice for professional makeup artists and personal use alike.

#5 ATAWOL Brush Cleaner

For makeup enthusiasts and professionals looking for a reliable cleaning solution, the ATAWOL Brush Cleaner is an excellent gadget that simplifies brush maintenance.


✅ Enhanced cleaning and drying features for different brush sizes
✅ Simple usability with a stable, non-slip base for hassle-free cleaning
✅ Good for those who travel due to its portable nature and compatibility with various power sources


❌ The machine does not directly dry brushes, requiring additional air drying time
❌ May not generate sufficient power for cleaning dense or large brushes adequately
❌ Repeated water disposal and refilling may be needed for heavily soiled brushes

One of the most notable features of the ATAWOL Brush Cleaner is its adjustable speed settings, which cater to various brush sizes, ensuring a thorough cleanse without damaging delicate bristles. I find this to be a game changer, as it offers a personalized cleaning routine suitable for all my brushes.

The simplicity and stability of the device are commendable. Its one-touch operation and suction cups provide me with a secure cleaning process, reducing any mess or spills on my counter. For someone who values efficiency, the easy-to-clean design is a significant advantage.

As someone who often travels and needs to keep my tools in impeccable condition on the go, I appreciate the portable design of this brush cleaner. Additionally, its multifunctionality is a highlight, enabling users to clean and dehydrate brushes effectively.

In summary, the ATAWOL Brush Cleaner is best for individuals who prioritize time-saving gadgets and often travel. It sets itself apart with upgraded features and a user-friendly design. Nevertheless, those with extensive makeup brush collections may find the need for multiple water changes a minor inconvenience.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine

When I choose a makeup brush cleaner machine, I assess various factors to ensure that I acquire a product that efficiently meets my needs. I consider the following features meticulously:

Purpose and Compatibility

Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine GlamGrader

Firstly, it’s essential to identify whether the cleaner is suitable for personal use or professional environments. I ensure that it accommodates the types and sizes of brushes I own.

Cleaning Efficiency

The effectiveness of a cleaner is paramount. I look for machines with strong motors that can thoroughly cleanse brushes without damaging the bristles.

Speed and Convenience

Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine GlamGrader

I prefer a cleaner that can clean and dry brushes quickly, saving time, especially when I need my brushes ready for immediate use.

Design and Portability

Since I may need to use the cleaner in different settings, I opt for a compact and ergonomically designed machine. It should be easy to store and carry.

Durability and Quality

Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine GlamGrader

I invest in a cleaner made from high-quality materials ensuring longevity. Durability is a key consideration to avoid frequent replacements.

Price Range

While staying within my budget, I ensure not to compromise on quality. I seek the best value for my money, balancing cost with features.


Ease of maintenance is crucial. I look for machines that are easy to clean and maintain, which prevents buildup and extends the device’s life.

Considering these factors helps me select the best makeup brush cleaner machine that delivers performance and reliability without excessive expenditure.

Verdict: Best Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine – Luxe Brush Spinner

After thoroughly researching and comparing various models, I have concluded that the Luxe Brush Spinner stands out as the best makeup brush cleaner machine on the market. Its efficiency in cleaning and speed of drying brushes are exceptional. In terms of design, it features a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes the cleaning process straightforward even for beginners.

The Luxe Brush Spinner comes equipped with multiple collar sizes, which ensures compatibility with a wide range of brush sizes. I appreciate its simplicity; the one-button operation to attach brushes and spin them clean is intuitive. It also has a notably quiet motor, which adds to the convenience of using it during any time of the day.

To highlight its effectiveness, a comparison with manual cleaning shows that the Luxe Brush Spinner cleans brushes 30 times faster while maintaining the integrity of the brush bristles. In addition, the device’s spinning action helps brushes maintain their shape after drying, which can be a concern with some alternative cleaners.

I have found its durability to be commendable, with many users reporting that the device holds up well over time, which is an important consideration when investing in a makeup brush cleaner machine. It is also battery-operated and portable, making it versatile for use at home or on the go.

Given these points, the Luxe Brush Spinner offers a combination of superior performance, convenience, and durability, making it an excellent choice for anyone in search of an effective makeup brush cleaner machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I address some of the most common inquiries about makeup brush cleaner machines, focusing on their key features, usage by professionals, advantages, suitable cleaning solutions, maintenance frequency, and potential to prolong the life of makeup brushes.

What features should one look for in a top-rated makeup brush cleaner machine?

When selecting a makeup brush cleaner machine, I recommend looking for one with adjustable speed settings to accommodate different brush sizes, a feature that ensures a thorough clean without damaging the bristles. Durability, ease of use, and an efficient drying cycle are also important to consider.

How do professional makeup artists clean their brushes?

Professional makeup artists often use specialized cleaning machines designed for heavy use that swiftly and effectively clean and dry brushes, allowing for immediate reuse. Such machines are built to handle a large volume of brushes with speed and ease.

What are the advantages of using an electric makeup brush cleaner over manual cleaning methods?

Electric makeup brush cleaners offer a more consistent and rapid clean compared to manual methods. They reduce the amount of physical effort required, provide a thorough clean that removes build-up and bacteria, and significantly shorten drying time, ensuring that brushes are available for use much more quickly.

Which type of cleaner solution works best with electric makeup brush cleaning machines?

For optimal results with electric brush cleaning machines, I suggest using a solution specifically formulated for such devices. These solutions are designed to break down makeup residue efficiently without harming the brush’s bristles or structure, and they typically have ingredients that condition the bristles as they clean.

How frequently should makeup brushes be cleaned to maintain their quality and hygiene?

To maintain hygiene and performance, I clean my makeup brushes once a week if I use them daily. For those using brushes less frequently or for personal use, a thorough cleaning every two to three weeks is advisable.

Can using a makeup brush cleaner machine extend the life of my makeup brushes?

Yes, using a makeup brush cleaner machine can extend the life of my brushes. These machines can prevent the buildup of product and bacteria which, if left unchecked, can degrade the bristles and ferrules over time. Consistent and proper cleaning using these devices can keep brushes in top condition for longer.


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