Best Makeup Brush Holders: Organize Your Beauty Tools with Style in 2024

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A makeup brush holder is not only a functional storage solution but can also be a stylish addition to your vanity or bathroom. Makeup enthusiasts understand the importance of a tidy and organized makeup station. Not only does it streamline your beauty routine, but it also protects your tools and products. Amongst these tools, makeup brushes hold a special place.

Choosing the right makeup brush holder depends on a variety of factors. Capacity is significant, you’ll want a holder that can accommodate all of your brushes comfortably. Design is another important consideration as holders come in a range of styles, from simple cups to more elaborate, compartmentalized organizers. Durability is also key, as a well made holder can protect brushes from dust and damage and serve you for years.

When shopping, consider the material of the makeup brush holder. Acrylic and glass are popular for their sleek look and ease of cleaning, but wood or metal may better suit those seeking durability and a different aesthetic. Also, think about the size of your brush collection and potential for future expansion, you’ll want a holder that can grow with you.

With the right makeup brush holder, not only is your space neater, but the health of your brushes can be prolonged by avoiding crush damage and maintaining their shape. Now that you know what to look for, we’ll guide you through some top contenders on the market.

Top Makeup Brush Holders

Organizing our makeup brushes is a breeze with the right holder. Not only does it tidy up our vanity, but it also protects brushes from dust and damage. We’ve searched high and low to find the best makeup brush holders that combine functionality with a touch of style. Whether we’re looking for something sleek and simple or a holder with a bit more personality, our curated list is sure to have something that’ll fit our needs perfectly. Let’s keep our brushes in tip top shape and our makeup station clutter free!

#1 Jurath Travel Organizer

If you’re on the hunt for a tidy way to transport your makeup tools, this holder might just be your match.


✅ Innovative magnetic closure for secure storage
✅ Versatile storage options beyond makeup brushes
✅ Compact and lightweight, ideal for on-the-go usage


❌ Only one customer review to gauge user experience
❌ Limited color options may not suit all tastes
❌ Silicone material may not appeal to those preferring a rigid structure

The Jurath Travel Organizer offers a smart solution for keeping makeup brushes and accessories neatly arranged. With its magnetic design, fears of brushes spilling out mid-journey are alleviated. Its adaptability serves travelers well and it doubles as a case for various items, streamlining the packing process.

This product’s silicone construction stands out for its ease of cleaning, a quick wash, and it’s as good as new. Its lightness makes it a breeze to slip into any suitcase or handbag, taking up minimal space. A great travel companion, this organizer can help maintain a clutter-free makeup routine.

We understand the importance of durable and multifaceted accessories when venturing out. The Jurath Travel Organizer, crafted from high-quality silicone, ensures longevity. It functions as more than just a brush holder, which sets it apart from others. For those who value a tidy, compact, and multipurpose travel case, this product checks the boxes.

In summary, this makeup brush holder is ideal for those who travel frequently and prefer a clean, orderly setup for their beauty tools. With its large capacity, it can accommodate a variety of brush sizes and shapes. Despite its novel design, some may find the lack of user feedback a barrier. Nevertheless, its quality and versatility present a compelling option.

#2 Luxury Rotating Brush Holder

This dazzling brush holder might just be the touch of luxury we need in our makeup routine, thanks to its convenience and style.


✅ Features a modern geometric design that infuses elegance into any setting
✅ Offers smooth 360-degree rotation for easy access
✅ Boasts five compartments for ample and organized storage


❌ Might be more expensive than simpler holders
❌ Glass construction could be less durable than plastic or metal
❌ Golden bling design might not appeal to all tastes

The FINOCCI makeup brush holder delivers a unique blend of aesthetics and utility, making it a worthy contender for beauty enthusiasts seeking organization with a luxurious twist. Its 360-degree rotating base ensures that all our favorite makeup tools are within arm’s reach, preventing time wasted rummaging through a cluttered drawer. The compartmentalized design also means we can sort and store tools based on type or frequency of use, whether it’s brushes, eyeliners, or even hair accessories.

With its modern geometric shape trimmed in metal and eye-catching crystal bling, the holder stands out from the typical storage solutions. While adding a dash of opulence to our vanities, it still remains practical. The polished glass detail not only serves as a sophisticated decor piece but also keeps our makeup tools neatly displayed and dust-free.

However, it’s essential to note that the appeal of this lavish holder may not align with everyone’s taste, and a glass design can pose risks if not handled with care. Despite this, those of us on the lookout for a makeup brush organizer that combines functionality with a touch of glamour might find the FINOCCI holder to be our perfect match.

#3 Hoement Makeup Brush Holder

If you’re in search of a fuss-free way to keep your vanity tidy, this makeup brush holder is worth considering.


✅ Keeps cosmetics organized with designated sections
✅ Transparent design saves time searching for brushes
✅ Ventilated for quick drying of brushes


❌ Plastic material may not suit all decor styles
❌ Limited color choice with only white available
❌ Could be too large for some personal vanities

Makeup enthusiasts know the struggle of keeping brushes in check. We’ve found that this Hoement Makeup Brush Holder does the trick, keeping our tools neatly arranged and easily accessible. Its clear design not only looks chic but also allows us to find what we need at a glance, a definite plus for those mornings when every minute counts.

What sets this organizer apart is its breathability. The hollow design at the bottom ensures our brushes dry out well and stay free from mold-causing moisture. Plus, for us who are always on the go, the fact that this holder is lightweight and portable means we can take a piece of our organized life with us, whether that’s to a hotel room or just another room in the house.

While this holder might not blend seamlessly into every room’s aesthetic, we appreciate its functionality. It’s particularly suited to makeup mavens who prize orderliness and simplicity over more decorative storage options. The large capacity is excellent for those of us with an extensive brush collection, allowing us to house different types and sizes of brushes in one convenient spot.

#4 Chic PuTwo Organizer

If you’re in search of an organizer that blends functionality with elegance, the PuTwo Makeup holder could be your match with its vintage charm and utility.


✅ Accommodates 15-25 makeup brushes
✅ Comes with decorative free pearls
✅ Versatile use as both makeup brush and pen holder


❌ Fragility due to glass material
❌ Potential unevenness from metal feet
❌ Could be small for extensive brush collections

With its clear glass construction and lacy metal details, this PuTwo Makeup Organizer offers a hint of vintage sophistication that can elevate the appearance of any vanity. The complimentary white pearls aren’t just for show; they help maintain your brushes upright and neatly organized. A perfect piece for those who appreciate a touch of timeless elegance mixed with modern-day practicality.

In terms of utility, we’re not just limited to brushes. This organizer is a multitasker that can tidy up your desk as a chic pen holder too. It’s the ideal size for keeping essential tools at arm’s reach, whether they’re for your beauty routine or for your latest creative project.

We understand the hesitation that comes with glass items, their beauty is often matched by their fragility. However, this organizer’s sturdy construction assures that it’s more than just a pretty face. With careful handling, it should serve its purpose beautifully as part of your daily routine.

Individuals who love refined aesthetics and have a moderate collection of makeup tools will find this product most suitable. Its main features, the glamourous design, the ability to hold a decent number of brushes, and the pearls that add both style and function, set it apart from other organizers. When compared with the others, it offers a rare blend of decorative appeal and organization that practical-minded aesthetes will certainly appreciate.

#5 Elegant Hexagon Holder

If elegance and functionality are your priorities, this makeup holder is the perfect blend of both.


✅ Crafted from premium glass with gold metal for added durability
✅ Chic design featuring varied height compartments for organization ease
✅ Equipped with a non-slip bottom for surface protection and stability


❌ Smaller size may not accommodate a large brush collection
❌ Primarily decorative and might lack functionality for some users
❌ Premium construction means a higher price point compared to simpler models

Makeup enthusiasts with an eye for stylish accessories will surely appreciate the Hipiwe Glass Makeup Brush Holder. The unique hexagonal design isn’t just for looks, it offers three heights to segregate brushes easily, keeping your vanity tidy and your brushes within reach.

Unlike conventional holders, this piece boasts a durable glass construction edged with a lustrous gold metal frame. It’s certainly a statement piece that doesn’t just store brushes but also enhances the elegance of your space. Users love how it brings subtle sophistication to their vanities.

We’ve noted some concerns about the holder’s size, it’s compact and might not suit those with an extensive brush collection. However, its smaller footprint is ideal for minimalists or those with limited space. Moreover, this holder’s non-slip bottom deserves a nod. It ensures your delicate surfaces stay scratch-free and your holder stays put.

In summary, the Hipiwe Glass Makeup Brush Holder is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking both beauty and functionality in a compact size. It’s perfect for aesthetics-focused individuals or anyone who values organization without compromising on style.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Makeup Brush Holders

Criteria to Consider

Makeup Brush Holders GlamGrader

When we look for a makeup brush holder, capacity should be one of our priorities. We want a holder that can accommodate our entire collection, whether it’s just a few essentials or an extensive array of brushes.

  • Size: Measure our space and consider the number of brushes we wish to store.
  • Material: Look for durable materials like acrylic, glass, or metal that are also easy to clean.

Material and Durability

AcrylicEasy to clean, transparent for visibilityCan scratch over time
GlassStylish, heavy (won’t tip over)Fragile if dropped
MetalSturdy, often rust-resistantMight not match all decors

Design and Style

Makeup Brush Holders GlamGrader

The design of the holder should match our personal style and the decor of the space where it will be placed. Functionality meets aesthetics in this aspect, so we consider holders with sections or compartments to help segregate brushes by type or use.

  • Compartments: Separated areas for face and eye brushes.
  • Shape: Cylindrical holders save space whereas square ones may fit more brushes.


DividersOrganizes brushes by type and size for easy access
LidsProtects brushes from dust and damage

Ease of Cleaning

Makeup Brush Holder GlamGrader

Since hygiene is essential in our beauty routine, we opt for a holder that is easy to clean. Brush holders that can be dismantled or have a simple structure without intricate designs will be easier to maintain.

  • Washable: Ensure the material doesn’t degrade with regular cleaning.
  • Non-complicated designs: Choose holders with fewer grooves and indentations to prevent dust build-up.

By keeping these factors in mind, we can choose a makeup brush holder that best suits our needs and preferences, ensuring that our brushes are stored neatly and are within easy reach when we need them.

Verdict: Best Makeup Brush Holder

After careful consideration, we’ve found the Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder to be the superior choice. It offers:

  • Durability: The acrylic material is sturdy, ensuring longevity.
  • Transparency: The clear design allows us to see all our brushes at a glance, making selection a breeze.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Acrylic can be easily wiped down, keeping our brushes hygienic.
  • Size Options: It typically comes in various sizes, accommodating a diverse brush collection.

Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality, washable fabric.
  • Slots: 15-20 brushes, varying in size.

When choosing, consider your personal needs. The Acrylic Holder is perfect for a static setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll address some common queries regarding makeup brush holders, focusing on organization, travel, and design-specific features that can enhance your makeup routine.

What are the key features of a top rated makeup brush holder for organizing a small space?

For small spaces, we prioritize brush holders that maximize vertical storage, feature multiple compartments for sorting, and come with a compact footprint. Slim designs or wall-mounted options can also save precious counter space.

How do I choose a makeup brush holder that’s ideal for travel?

When looking for a travel friendly makeup brush holder, we suggest choosing one that’s lightweight, compact, and secure. A holder with a hard case can prevent brushes from getting crushed, and a closure mechanism, such as a zipper, ensures brushes stay in place during transit.

Are brush holders good and practical for storing makeup brushes with long handles?

Yes, brush holders are definitely practical for long-handled brushes. It’s essential to choose one that’s tall enough to support the brushes and keep them from tipping. Holders with deep compartments or adjustable slots can accommodate various brush lengths comfortably.

What design features should I look for in a makeup brush holder with a lid?

For a holder with a lid, look for a sturdy and clear lid for easy visibility, one that’s hinged or detachable for quick access. Also, ensure the lid seals well to protect brushes from dust and that the interior is easy to clean to maintain hygiene.

What are the features of a travel-friendly, durable and stylish makeup brush holder?

A travel-friendly makeup brush holder should combine durability with style. We recommend a holder made from high-quality materials like leather or sturdy canvas, with secure fastenings. Internal padding can offer extra protection, and visually pleasing designs add a touch of personality to your travel gear.


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