Medicated Lip Balms: Your Solution in 2024 for Soothing Chapped Lips

Medicated Lip Balm GlamGrader How do you hydrate your lips after lipstick?

Medicated lip balms are designed specifically to address severe dryness and repair the delicate skin of the lips. Unlike ordinary lip balms that simply provide a barrier of moisture, medicated versions contain active ingredients to tackle the root causes of chapping, such as inflammation or infection, offering both immediate relief and long-term recovery. Chapped lips can affect anyone, particularly during harsh weather conditions, and finding the right lip balm is crucial for comfort and healing.

When choosing a medicated lip balm, it’s important to consider the active ingredients and what they offer. Some contain natural components like beeswax or shea butter for hydration, while others might feature medicinal agents like camphor, menthol, or phenol for antiseptic and soothing properties. Additionally, ingredients such as sunscreen can protect the lips from further damage caused by UV rays.

Identifying the right product also means considering potential allergens and the balm’s consistency. A good medicated lip balm should not cause irritation and should stay on the lips to provide lasting coverage. We have spent considerable time researching and testing various medicated lip balms to find the best options that provide effective treatment for chapped lips, ensuring comfort and healing.

Soothe Your Smile

Chapped lips can be a real nuisance, but we’ve got you covered with our top picks for medicated lip balms. These little wonders are formulated to moisturize, soothe, and heal dry, cracked lips. With ingredients like menthol, camphor, and natural oils, they provide relief and protect one of your most expressive features. Whether you’re dealing with harsh winter winds or the dry summer heat, our selections aim to keep your lips soft and comfortable no matter the season.

Top Picks – Best medicated lip balm for soothing and healing chapped lips

#1 eos Medicated Balm – The Fixer

Maintain healthy, supple lips with eos Medicated Balm – The Fixer; its natural ingredients and hydration properties make it a must-have.


✅ Provides 24-hour hydration
✅ Energizing natural mint flavor
✅ Sustainably sourced shea butter


❌ May leave some residue
❌ Not specifically for non-cold sore relief
❌ Mint sensation may be strong for some

Upon application, our lips felt an instant wave of coolness, thanks to the natural mint extracts. The sensation is revitalizing, especially if you’re facing the sting of chapped lips. With each use, we noticed how quickly it absorbed, offering a protective barrier of moisture that promises up to 24 hours of hydration. This feature alone puts eos ahead of others that require constant reapplication.

The ethically sourced shea butter is a key ingredient that caught our eye. It’s not just about lip care; it’s also about being conscious of our product sources. Compared to some medicated lip balms that rely on synthetic ingredients, we appreciated the commitment to natural components.

We tried using eos throughout various times of the day and can attest to its effectiveness. It’s particularly handy during harsh winters when the cold air strips moisture away, leaving lips vulnerable. Our lips stayed soft and moisturized overnight, proving that its formula stands the test of time (and pillow friction!).

In summary, eos Medicated Lip Balm – The Fixer is ideal for anyone seeking immediate relief and long-lasting protection for dry, chapped lips. Its cooling effect and hydrating properties are standout features in a market flooded with promises of relief.

#2 Blistex Bliss

If you’re seeking lip relief and protection against the harsh effects of the elements, we believe Blistex Medicated Lip Balm has you covered.


✅ Effective healing and protection
✅ Includes SPF 15 for sun defense
✅ Convenient application


❌ Noticeable medicinal scent
❌ May require frequent reapplication compared to others
❌ Might not appeal to those who prefer unmedicated products

After recently using Blistex Medicated Lip Balm, we all noticed a pleasant ease in gliding it over our lips. Its blend of hydrating ingredients quickly addressed the dryness and discomfort we were facing from chapped lips. Perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors, this addition to our daily routine provides necessary SPF protection without needing a separate product.

One outstanding feature is how Blistex Medicated Lip Balm seals in moisture, making it a staple both in the windy winters and during the sunnier seasons. We found our lips felt significantly more comfortable and less prone to peeling after consistent use. The fact that it’s unscented and flavorless is a bonus for those of us who prefer no-fuss lip care.

Another aspect we appreciate is the ease of use. The balm applies smoothly without any drag, delivering a layer of protection that’s neither too thick nor waxy. It’s the simplicity and reliability that sets Blistex apart from some of its counterparts that either leave a glossy film or are too hard to apply uniformly.

For those who regularly combat chapped lips, we see Blistex Medicated Lip Balm as a go-everywhere solution. While some of us did notice a need to apply the balm more frequently to maintain comfort, the pros decidedly outweigh this minor inconvenience. Given its price and performance, it’s a valuable addition to any lip care regime.

#3 Dermlogix Beeswax Lip Balm

If you’re struggling with chapped lips and require relief, we found this balm comforting and effective.


✅ Infuses lips with beneficial natural ingredients
✅ Offers a soothing, cooling sensation
✅ Provides a subtle, matte finish


❌ The texture may not appeal to all, especially if you prefer glossy balms
❌ Might need frequent reapplication to maintain moisture
❌ The peppermint scent is distinct and may not be favorable to those sensitive to fragrances

One of our team members went on a recent ski trip and found the harsh cold left her lips feeling rather chapped. She decided to give Dermlogix Beeswax Lip Balm a shot, and it’s been a game-changer. Its natural formulation, which includes beeswax and shea butter, provided the nourishment her lips desperately needed. Not only did it help soothe the dryness, but it also left her lips feeling refreshed, thanks to the peppermint oil.

What sets this lip balm apart is the unique blend of natural ingredients that work in harmony to both heal and protect. The matte finish is a bonus, perfect for those of us who prefer a non-shiny look. Plus, it’s great to know that we’re using a product that’s environmentally conscious and free from harsh chemicals like parabens and phthalates.

As regular users, we particularly appreciate the SPF 15 which offers protection against the sun’s harmful rays – an essential feature that many lip balms seem to overlook. We’ve used this lip balm both under and over lip color, and it works wonderfully as a base and a top coat, providing much-needed hydration either way.

We’d recommend Dermlogix Beeswax Lip Balm for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone seeking a natural alternative to conventional lip care products. Its blend of healing ingredients and SPF protection clearly make it a standout among its competitors. While the texture and scent may not be for everyone, the product’s effectiveness in healing and hydrating chapped lips is undeniable.

#4 Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm

If you’re enduring severely chapped lips and seeking relief, we’d say Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm is your go-to solution for fast-acting, soothing comfort.


✅ Rapidly heals severely cracked lips
✅ Unscented and hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin
✅ Simple, effective ingredients without unnecessary additives


❌ Ointment-like consistency might not appeal to everyone
❌ Some users report an unpleasant smell
❌ Not the most cost-effective considering the size

We’ve all faced the discomfort of dry, chapped lips, but Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm is a game-changer, effectively addressing even the most severe cases of chapped lips. The formula, enriched with 1% hydrocortisone, swiftly reduces inflammation and pain, kicking the healing process into high gear. It’s notably different from other lip balms that tend to offer only temporary relief with recurrent applications.

Beyond its healing prowess, during the trial, we appreciated the hypoallergenic properties of Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm. It’s void of any harsh chemicals or flavors that often exacerbate sensitive lips. It’s especially suitable if you’re put off by strong fragrances or have reactive skin. Objective effectiveness is apparent, as we noticed significant improvement within a day of application.

For anyone who battles persistently parched lips, this treatment fits the bill. We’ve ranked it highly due to its striking ability to deliver where other lip products haven’t managed. Compared to other products in our roundup, Cortibalm’s simplicity in its formulation with just a few ingredients, including beeswax and mineral oil, coupled with its strong performance, makes it a standout choice for us.

#5 Flexitol Healer

If you’re grappling with severely dry, cracked lips, this balm is a game-changer for soft, supple results.


✅ Intense hydration that tackles even the driest of lips
✅ Cooling sensation that soothes on contact
✅ Suitable for a variety of lip conditions beyond simple chapping


❌ The scent might not be everyone’s favorite
❌ May leave a white residue if overapplied
❌ Cooling effect can be intense for sensitive lips

We put Flexitol Lip Balm to the test, and it’s safe to say it has earned its spot in our daily routine. This isn’t just another lip balm; it’s a therapeutic treatment that brings life back to distressed lips. The combination of Lanolin and Urea in the formula works wonders, offering a level of hydration that goes beyond surface-level repair. We were especially thankful for its nourishing touch during cold weather when our lips needed extra TLC.

Flexitol’s steroid-free blend stands out for its inclusion of Menthol and Camphor, which provide a soothing, cooling relief. This makes it particularly beneficial for those of us who might be recovering from medical treatments or battling various skin conditions. Unlike many other balms that need constant reapplication, a little of this product goes a long way.

We recommend this for buyers seeking a heavy-duty, medicated lip balm that offers more than just temporary moisture. Its fast-acting formula is noticeably different from the start and is particularly beneficial for anyone dealing with the harsh side effects of medications or extreme weather conditions. However, if you’re sensitive to stronger scents or the tingle of menthol, you might want to use it sparingly. But, for those in need of serious lip rehabilitation, Flexitol Lip Balm is our go-to for healthy, hydrated lips.

Buying Guide – To help choose the best medicated lip balm for soothing and healing your chapped lips

When we’re on the hunt for the best medicated lip balm, there are a few features we should pay close attention to. Our lips are sensitive, and choosing the right balm is crucial in providing the relief they need.

Ingredients to Look For

Medicinal Components:

  • Antiseptics: Aid in preventing infections in cracked skin
  • Healing Agents: Such as allantoin, help in repairing lip tissue

Moisturizing Elements:

  • Emollients: Like beeswax or shea butter, for a smooth application
  • Humectants: Glycerin or hyaluronic acid pull in moisture

Vitamins and Oils:

Best Medicated Lip Balm glamgrader
  • Vitamin E: Nourishes and protects from environmental damage
  • Essential Oils: Some oils can provide additional benefits, like a soothing effect

Features to Consider

SPF ProtectionShields lips from harmful UV rays
HypoallergenicLess likely to cause allergic reactions
Free from fragrance & dyesIdeal for sensitive skin
Long-LastingReduces the frequency of reapplication

Texture and Comfort


  • Aim for a balm that is neither too waxy nor too greasy.


  • It should feel comfortable on our lips, not heavy or sticky.

Packaging Convenience

Medicated Lip Balm GlamGrader

Container Types:

  • Tubes or sticks for easy application
  • Pots for those who don’t mind using a finger to apply


  • Compact and sturdy packaging is preferable for carrying around

By considering these points, we can make an informed decision and find a medicated lip balm that effectively soothes and heals our chapped lips.

Verdict: Best medicated lip balm for soothing and healing chapped lips

After a careful review of the top contenders, we’ve reached a consensus on the premier medicated lip balm for your needs. Our pick? Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm.

Why We Love It:

  • Natural Ingredients: It boasts a natural blend, harnessing the power of eucalyptus for its calming properties and soothing relief.
  • Immediate Comfort: Instantly relieves dryness and pain, making it an excellent choice for immediate lip care.

How It Heals:

  • Loaded with beeswax and vitamin E, it locks in moisture effectively.
  • Peppermint oil provides a refreshing cooling sensation you’re bound to enjoy.

Customer Trust:

  • High Ratings: With overwhelmingly positive reviews, users highlight its healing capabilities.
  • Loved for its lack of parabens, phthalates, or SLS, it offers peace of mind alongside lip care.

Usage Tips:

  • Apply liberally as needed.
  • Consistency is key; maintain regular application for best results.

Remember, chapped lips need tender love and care, and with Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm, we think your lips will get exactly that.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we explore common inquiries about medicated lip balms, focusing on their ingredients, suitability for sensitive skin, and overall effectiveness in treating chapped lips.

Do top dermatologists recommend lip balm for severely dry lips?

Yes, dermatologists often recommend medicated lip balms for severely dry lips, as they can provide intensive moisture and help repair the skin barrier.

Is lip balm known for the fast relief of chapped lips?

Medicated lip balm is designed for quick relief of chapped lips, providing comfort often immediately upon application due to its soothing ingredients.

What active ingredients does lip balm contain, and what are their benefits?

Medicated lip balms commonly contain ingredients like petrolatum, which acts as a barrier, and ceramides, which help repair the skin’s natural barrier. Others may include hydrating elements such as hyaluronic acid or soothing agents like aloe vera.

Is lip balm suitable for sensitive skin, and does it contain any potential allergens or irritants?

Most medicated lip balms are formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin, avoiding common allergens. However, it’s crucial to check the ingredient list for potential irritants like fragrance or menthol, which can cause a reaction in some individuals.

What is the texture and feel of lip balm, and how does it affect its application and wear?

The texture of lip balm is typically thick and emollient to ensure a long-lasting coat over the lips. This consistency helps in easy application and contributes to the balm’s ability to stay put, providing sustained relief.

Are there any risks associated with using medicated lip balms regularly?

When used as directed, medicated lip balms present minimal risk. Overuse, however, can sometimes lead to lip dependency or exacerbate dryness, prompting a need for frequent reapplication. It’s advisable to use the product reasonably and as needed.


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