Best Mini Lipstick Sets: Our 2024 Travel Friendly Picks for Glam on the Go!

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Compact and convenient, mini lipstick sets have gained popularity for those of us who love variety and are always on the move. These pint-sized products don’t just save space in our bags, they also allow us to experiment with multiple shades without the commitment or expense of full-sized versions.

Travel-friendly mini lipstick sets are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups and transitions, taking us from day to night looks with ease. They’re an ideal choice for travelers who want to maintain a versatile makeup palette without overpacking. Whether we’re facing last-minute plans or long-haul flights, a mini lipstick set ensures we’re prepared for any occasion.

When choosing the best mini lipstick set for travel, I believe that you must consider factors such as the formula’s longevity, comfort, range of shades, and the set’s packaging. We want lipsticks that offer vivid pigmentation, hydrating formulas, and a lightweight feel. Durability is important too, the best lipsticks will resist fading and feathering throughout our adventures. Plus, sturdy and secure packaging is a must to avoid any makeup mishaps in our luggage.

Armed with the right set, our lips can stay luscious and our style impeccable, no matter where we jet off to. With this in mind, let’s look at the top contenders for the best mini lipstick sets that combine quality with convenience. We’ve kissed goodbye to the days of lugging around bulky beauty products!

Top Travel Friendly Mini Lipstick Sets

I am absolutely thrilled to share with you my favorite mini lipstick sets that are perfect for on the go touch-ups! Each set has been carefully selected for its variety of shades, compact design, and ease of use, ensuring you look fabulous no matter where your travels take you. Get ready to pucker up with these irresistible options that will easily fit into any purse or carry on, keeping your lips perfect at all times!

#1 KISSIO Mini Lipstick Set

We think this set is ideal if you’re seeking an array of vibrant shades in travel-friendly sizes with the added benefit of moisturizing ingredients.


✅ Variety of eight colors suitable for different occasions
✅ Rich, velvety texture with a comfortable wear
✅ Compact and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups


❌ Smaller size might require more frequent replacement
❌ May need reapplication throughout the day for lasting wear
❌ Some users reported that the color didn’t last as long as expected

When we’re traveling, we love versatility and convenience, which is exactly what the KISSIO 8 Colors Lipstick Set offers. The size of these lipsticks makes them incredibly travel-friendly, ensuring we can easily slip them into a purse or clutch. The eight varied shades mean we can switch up our look from a bold red to a subtle nude with the same compact set.

These lipsticks aren’t just about looks; their velvety matte finish is paired with hydrating ingredients like beeswax and vitamin E to keep our lips moisturized. Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing lip comfort for long-lasting color. With this set, we get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

I am particularly fond of the product’s all-season hue selection, making it my go-to choice no matter the destination or occasion. Whether we’re heading out for a summer party or dolling up for a date night, this set has us covered. If you’re someone who loves to express yourself through bursts of lip color but hates the bulk of carrying multiple tubes, the KISSIO Mini Lipstick Set will likely become your new favorite travel companion.

#2 Evpct Mini Lipstick Set

Given its vibrant color selection and travel friendly design, this set is a must have for any makeup enthusiast looking to add some versatility to their on the go beauty routine.


✅ Diverse color range suitable for various occasions
✅ Infused with natural ingredients for moisturized lips
✅ Sturdy longevity with non-transferable wear


❌ May feel dry upon application
❌ Full drying time required for best results
❌ Potential for flaking, making clean removal challenging

I am always on the lookout for the perfect travel companion, and when it comes to keeping our lips popping with color while on the move, the Evpct 3Pcs Mini Pills Liquid Matte Lipstick Capsule Set really caught my eye. You get an effortless blend of style and practicality with this charming little set. Its compact size means we can easily slip it into even the smallest purse.

Let’s talk about its versatility. We’re talking three shades that can take us from a professional daytime look to an evening out with friends. It’s like having a personal lip wardrobe at our fingertips. I was particularly drawn to the long-lasting formula that promises to stick with us through meals and meetings without a hitch.

We all know the struggle of dry lips, especially with matte lipsticks. Fortunately, the inclusion of natural ingredients like Vitamin E and beeswax is a game-changer. It’s comforting to know that we’re not just getting color but also caring for our lips at the same time. And for those of us who are all about ethical beauty, it’s a relief to see the cruelty-free assurance.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing. If you’re someone who can’t stand the feel of dry lipstick, this might test your patience. It’s crucial to give it time to dry fully for that impeccable matte finish, and even then, you might notice some flaking.

But here’s the lowdown: for the adventurer needing a vibrant, easy-to-carry lip set that’s ready for any occasion, this Evpct set is a brilliant pick. We get durability, hydration, and a pop of color, all while doing our bit for the animals. That’s a beauty win in our book!

#3 Porcolle Mini Lipstick Set

I believe this Porcolle Mini Lipstick Set is a charming choice for those who value variety and the convenience of portability in their makeup routine.


✅ Variety of finishes and flavors offers multiple options for different looks and tastes
✅ Compact size makes it ideal for on the go touch ups or travel
✅ The color-changing jelly lipstick adds an element of fun and personalization


❌ Small size might be less cost-effective for some users
❌ Tops may not stay on securely, risking a potential mess in your bag
❌ Due to color variation after application, the results can be unpredictable

I am always excited to discover a beauty product that promises to make our lives easier and more fun, and this Porcolle Mini Lipstick Set caught my attention for all the right reasons. With its array of shades and textures, it seems perfect for those who love to switch up their lip look without carrying around a full-sized tube. The color-changing feature is particularly delightful, adapting to our unique chemistry for a personalized shade.

However, every rose has its thorn, and this mini set isn’t without its drawbacks. The small size of these lipsticks, although adorable and travel-friendly, might not be the most practical or economical choice for daily wear. Also, the potential for the tops coming loose could turn our neatly organized purses into a chaotic mix of colors.

The standout features of the Porcolle Mini Lipstick Set are its varied finish options, from matte to metallic and the intriguing color-changing jelly lipsticks. This versatility stands out compared to other sets, with something to match our every mood or outfit. Additionally, the sweetly scented flavors add a playful touch, making us eager to reapply throughout the day. Still, among an array of similar travel-friendly options, the need for secure packaging is noted, ensuring that lipstick ends up on our lips instead of on our belongings.

#4 Evpct Mini Lipsticks


✅ Variety of shades
✅ Compact design
✅ Smooth application


❌ Limited quantity per color
❌ Potential quality inconsistencies
❌ Colors may vary from images

I adore the evpct Mini Lipstick Set for its adorable, travel-friendly size and the fabulous range of shades that cater to any look we’re aiming for, whether it’s a subtle nude for a morning meeting or a bold red for an evening event. Its compact form means we can easily slip this into a purse or carry on, without sacrificing valuable space.

The small, clear plastic box is quite the charmer, not only for its space efficiency but also because it helps us quickly find the color we need. The creamy consistency of the lipstick glides on effortlessly which is fantastic when we want a quick touch up between destinations.

I feel this set is perfect for anyone who loves to maintain their look on the move. However, it’s important to note that with their miniature size, they might not last as long as full-size counterparts. Also, a few customers have mentioned that the colors received can slightly differ from what’s shown online, and there have been rare cases of quality issues upon delivery.

Overall, this set stands out with its velvety matte finish and an extensive color palette that trumps many other options out there. If diverse color options and compact, travel-friendly packaging are what we’re after, this evpct set could easily become our trusty travel companion for maintaining perfect lips on the go.

#5 Evpct Mini Lipsticks Set

For the makeup enthusiast craving variety and portability, I found the evpct 18Pcs Mini Pills Lipstick Capsule Set a brilliant pick, given its diverse color range and convenient size.


✅ Extensive color selection meets diverse needs for various occasions
✅ Compact design makes it incredibly travel-friendly
✅ Long-lasting wear with a non-stick formula keeps upkeep to a minimum


❌ Smaller than typical lipsticks, which may lead to quicker usage
❌ Possibly too drying for some, with its matte finish
❌ Color representation may differ slightly due to monitor settings

We always find ourselves hunting for a lipstick that’s both easy to tote around and offers a burst of color that lasts. With this collection, we’ve got an exciting array packed into neat little capsules. Kiss goodbye to the hassle of lugging around bulky tubes!

The non-stick cup design saves us from constant worry about smudges or transferring, boosting our confidence as we sip our lattes. To my delight, with this mini set, we can switch up our look on the fly, never bound by just one or two favorite shades.

And let’s talk gifting! The adorable packaging and the variety it holds can charm any makeup lover, making it a perfect treat for special occasions. Plus, for those concerned with value, the set is a great way to explore multiple hues without the commitment to full size purchases.

So if you’re out there looking for a trusty travel partner or wish to spice up your lip color game, we suggest giving this set a whirl. The evpct Mini Lipsticks Set suits the adventurous type, who gains joy from experimenting and appreciates a kit that can slip into the smallest of purses with ease.

Buying Guide – Best Mini Lipstick Sets

Key Factors to Consider

When searching for the perfect mini lipstick set for our travels, there are several key factors we must look into to make an informed decision:

Mini Lipstick sets GlamGrader
  • Size & Portability: We must ensure the set is compact and lightweight, ideally fitting into a purse or a carry-on without taking up too much space.
  • Variety of Shades: A good range of shades gives us versatility, allowing us to match our lipstick with different outfits and occasions.

Quantity vs. Quality

We should find a balance between the number of lipsticks and the quality. More isn’t always better; the focus should be on the formula’s quality, lasting power, and pigmentation.


Since we’re taking it on our travels, we need to consider how sturdy the packaging is. It should be able to withstand some knocking around in our bags without the lipsticks getting damaged.


Mini Lipstick sets GlamGrader

It’s important to look at the ingredients to ensure we’re not exposing our lips to harmful chemicals, especially since reapplication is common throughout the day.

Ingredients to look for:

  • Hydrating elements like Vitamin E or shea butter
  • SPF protection
  • Paraben-free formulas

Ingredients to avoid:

  • Lead
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Harmful dyes

Price Point

Travelling Mini Lipstick set GlamGrader

Finally, let’s think about how much we’re willing to spend. It’s not just about the upfront cost; we should consider the value it brings. A higher-priced set might offer better long-term value due to its durability and quality.

By keeping these aspects in mind, we can choose a mini lipstick set that not only meets our travel needs but also keeps our lips looking fabulous wherever we go!

Verdict: Best Mini Lipstick Set for Travel-Friendly Options

I have explored a plethora of mini lipstick sets perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, and the standout winner is the MAC Mini Lipstick Kit. Its petite stature makes it an absolute dream for travel, fitting effortlessly into even the smallest clutch or pocket. What’s more, I absolutely adore the selection of shades that cater to both day and night looks, allowing us to switch from a natural hue to a more daring color with ease.

  • Size & Portability: Each bullet is just the right size for travel, ensuring minimal space is taken up in your luggage.
  • Versatility of Colors: From nudes to berries, and classic reds, there’s a color for every mood and occasion.
  • Formula: A long-lasting, rich pigment with a comfortable matte finish that doesn’t dry out the lips.

I am also impressed by the quality and reputation of MAC Cosmetics; they’re known for their commitment to creating high-performance products that professional makeup artists and enthusiasts alike can rely on. Small in size but mighty in impact, this kit is a top pick for us when it comes to maintaining impeccable lips while traveling. It’s no surprise that such a compact and chic set, paired with MAC’s prestigious quality, has me saying, “Pack your bags your lipstick’s already ready to go!”

Frequently Asked Questions

I am thrilled to share insights into some common queries around my favorite travel-friendly mini lipstick sets.

Do travel-size lipstick sets come with vibrant colors?

Yes, we can find travel-size lipstick sets featuring a wide array of vibrant colors. These kits often include a mix of classic shades and bold hues to offer versatility for any occasion.

How do I find a compact lipstick kit perfect for on-the-go touch-ups?

Look for kits with varied shades that fit within small, sleek cases. We prefer sets that include a built-in mirror and perhaps an applicator brush for quick and easy application.

How long does each mini lipstick last?

The longevity of a mini lipstick can vary, but typically they provide enough product for multiple applications. Manufacturers design mini lipsticks to last for several uses, ensuring we can depend on them throughout our travels.

Travel can be taxing on the skin, including the lips, so what are the moisturizing properties contained within the mini lipstick formula to ensure they won’t dry out your lips, particularly in varying climates and conditions?

Many mini lipsticks are formulated with hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E, shea butter, or hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture and prevent drying. I look for these components to keep our lips supple on the go.

Can you recommend any mini lipsticks that are ideal for mature lips and fine lines?

I recommend mini lipsticks with creamy textures and ingredients like collagen or peptides, which help to smooth and plump the appearance of fine lines and mature lips. Brands with anti-aging formulas are our go-to for such needs.


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