Best Train Case Makeup Bag: Your Ultimate Guide in 2024 for Organized Beauty

Train Case Makeup Bag Glamgrader

When the organization and storage of makeup is important, a train case makeup bag is an efficient storage solution that keeps beauty products organized, secure, and readily accessible. Inspired by vintage luggage once used by train travelers, these cases have a structured form and often come with a sturdy handle, making them an ideal companion for both professional makeup artists and enthusiasts alike.

When searching for the perfect train case makeup bag, there are several aspects to consider. The material of the bag should be durable and easy to clean, as makeup can sometimes spill or leak. Size is another important factor; it should be spacious enough to fit one’s makeup collection but still portable for travel or daily use. Compartments and dividers within the bag help keep items sorted and protected, a feature especially valuable for those with extensive or delicate collections.

A key attribute of the best train case makeup bag is its ability to adapt to various makeup assortments and routines. Whether it’s daily essentials or a full glam kit, the train case should cater to these needs with adjustable sections and secure locking mechanisms. In addition, its design must balance functionality with style, as it’s not only a tool for organization but also a personal accessory that reflects one’s aesthetic.

Recognizing the versatility and convenience of a well-chosen train case makeup bag, we turn our attention to pinpointing which options on the market best meet these multifaceted needs. This endeavor ensures that your investment not only adds order to your daily routine but also brings a sense of pleasure to the makeup experience.

Top Train Case Makeup Bags

We’ve researched and tested a variety of train case makeup bags to bring you our top picks. These cases stand out for their quality, durability, and design, providing organized spaces for all your beauty essentials. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or someone who loves to keep their makeup collection neatly sorted, our selection caters to all your needs.

#1 OCHEAL Large Makeup Bag

If you require an organized, portable solution for your cosmetics, the OCHEAL Large Makeup Bag might just be what you’re looking for.


✅ Spacious main compartment with additional pockets for organization
✅ Separate sections for brushes and masks protect against dust
✅ Durable and washable material with a chic design


❌ May be too large for minimalists or those with scant makeup
❌ Some users reported an initial odor that may be off-putting
❌ Larger palettes may not fit comfortably

OCHEAL’s Train Case Makeup Bag presents an excellent storage option with a considerable amount of space that can accommodate a full range of beauty products. Its internal organization, featuring multiple pockets, allows for neat categorization of items. This is especially useful for professionals or makeup enthusiasts needing to access various products swiftly.

The separate compartments designed for brushes and facial masks are a hygienic addition, ensuring these items remain clean and undisturbed by the other contents. The bag’s outer material is built to withstand regular use, and it maintains its shape ensuring your products are well-protected during travel.

Besides utility, the style has not been compromised. This makeup bag sports an elegant, black rhombic design that would appeal aesthetically to a wide user base. It serves as a practical yet stylish accessory for anyone looking to store their makeup collection.

We recognize the OCHEAL Train Case Makeup Bag as ideal for makeup artists, travelers, or those who enjoy having their full makeup arsenal readily available. Although it may hold more than necessary for those with a minimalist approach to beauty, it remains a top-tier choice for keeping cosmetics organized and secure. The bag’s quality and functional layout contrast favorably with other options on the market, adding to its appeal as a worthwhile investment for keeping your beauty products in order.

#2 Relavel Travel Makeup Bag

For those who need an efficient, stylish way to keep their makeup organized on the go, this Relavel bag is a strong option.


✅ Customizable compartments cater to personal organization preferences
✅ Durable and water-resistant material enhances longevity
✅ Dual layers offer expansive storage in a compact form.


❌ The bottom layer could be taller to fit larger items upright
❌ Limited brush holders in the top section may not suffice for some
❌ In terms of portability, it may be bulkier than some users desire

Organizing our makeup can be as important as the makeup itself, particularly for those who are constantly on the move or who like to keep everything in perfect order. We find the customizable storage of the Relavel Train Case Makeup Bag an asset. It allows for a personalized arrangement with its detachable velcro dividers. This is a key feature that sets it apart, offering flexibility that can accommodate an assortment of item sizes, from palettes to powders.

We’ve noticed the construction of the bag is sturdy, featuring waterproof, high-quality fabric, along with reliable double zipper closures. It promises durability and the ease of a simple wipe down to clean. Plus, its handle means it’s designed to be on the move, although we must consider whether its size will fit comfortably into one’s luggage.

When we compare this bag to others, we appreciate its well-thought-out design. The upper layer shines with a transparent pocket and separate makeup brush slots, ensuring our essential tools are neatly stowed and easily accessible. The second layer, with its adjustable dividers and a mesh pocket, offers a spacious area for larger items, although some of us may prefer a bit more height for upright storage of bottles.

This Relavel Train Case Makeup Bag seems most suitable for makeup enthusiasts who prioritize organization, as well as professionals who need a dependable kit while traveling. Its features are indicative of a product designed for practical, everyday use, transitioning smoothly from home storage to travel necessity. Its versatility as a makeup or toiletry bag enhances its appeal, though those with an extensive brush collection or larger items may need to consider the internal dimensions carefully.

#3 Relavel Makeup Train Case

We recommend this case for anyone seeking organized, convenient storage for their makeup and accessories while on the go or at home.


✅ Customizable compartments
✅ Durable, waterproof materials
✅ Portable and lightweight


❌ Limited size for larger collections
❌ Some manufacturing inconsistencies with dividers
❌ Might be heavier than expected

Considering organization is key when it comes to cosmetics, we appreciate the adjustable compartments in the Relavel Makeup Train Case. It allows us to tailor the storage to fit various products snugly and securely. The high-quality Oxford fabric paired with a nylon lining ensures durability and provides a layer of protection against spills, which is great for both travel and daily use.

When it comes to portability, this train case makeup bag has a lightweight design that is easy to carry. The case also boasts a shockproof and anti-wear construction. This is particularly comforting for beauty enthusiasts and professionals when traveling, as it promises to keep the beauty arsenal safe.

On the downside, the case might not hold everything for those with extensive collections, and it could be deemed a bit heavy for some users. We’ve observed that a handful of customers faced difficulties with the dividers’ fit due to slight manufacturing errors. These are considerations worth bearing in mind depending on the intended use.

To sum up, the Relavel Makeup Train Case Makeup Bag stands out for us due to its smart, adjustable design and robust construction. We find it best suited for makeup enthusiasts who need a reliable, moderately sized makeup organizer for daily use or travel. As it does hold its shape well and offers a secure environment for your products, we confidently place it on our list.

#4 LACATTURA Travel Makeup Bag

This versatile train case makeup bag combines style with function, ideal for those who value organization and chic design.


✅ Customizable compartment space
✅ Fashionable design with durable materials
✅ Portable with a detachable shoulder strap


❌ Could be pricey for budget-conscious buyers
❌ May be too large for minimalists
❌ Lack of a solid base could affect its form when heavily packed

Organizing your beauty essentials has never been more elegant. LACATTURA’s Travel Train Case Makeup Bag is not just a pretty face; its practical design makes it a fantastic choice for makeup professionals and enthusiasts alike. The adjustable compartments allow us to fit products of various sizes seamlessly, ensuring that everything stays in its proper place.

The appearance is another highlight, it’s not every day you come across a makeup bag that complements your style while being incredibly functional. The high-quality PU leather gives it a sophisticated touch, making it stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the option to carry it by hand or use the shoulder strap provides us with flexibility in different scenarios.

However, we recognize it may not be the best option for everyone. For those of us on a tight budget, the cost might be a concern, contemplating whether the investment matches our frequency of use. For minimalists who travel light, the size could be more than necessary. And, when filled to capacity, the absence of a sturdy base might cause the bag to lose its shape, potentially shifting our precisely placed items.

Overall, featuring a blend of fashion and function, this LACATTURA bag is suited for buyers looking for quality and style. The customizable organization system and chic design give it an edge over other products, while the shoulder strap adds a layer of practicality for on the go use.

#5 Joligrace Makeup Case

For those in need of a stylish and compact makeup storage solution, the Joligrace Makeup Case is a solid choice with its high capacity and easy-to-clean design.


✅ Flexible storage suitable for various cosmetic products
✅ Portable with a durable and lightweight design
✅ Comes with a built in mirror for convenience


❌ Smaller dimensions may not fit larger beauty items
❌ Limited color options may not appeal to all tastes
❌ Storage capacity might be restrictive for professional use

The Joligrace train case offers a chic way to store a respectable array of makeup essentials. Its mermaid pink exterior is eye catching, changing hues in the light, giving it a unique and fashionable look.

With two extendable trays, this case facilitates organized storage of makeup and accessories. The case’s compact size makes it particularly suitable for individuals who prioritize portability or have limited space.

The built-in mirror is a thoughtful feature, enabling one to apply makeup on the go. This, coupled with the easy-to-clean interior, makes it a no-brainer for makeup enthusiasts who value cleanliness and efficiency.

We recommend this case for makeup beginners, hobbyists, and those with moderate storage needs. Its portability and functionality stand out among similar products, although professionals with extensive collections might require a larger case. For personal use, however, this makeup case excels at keeping your treasured items securely and neatly arranged.

Buying Guide – Choosing the best Train Case Makeup Bag

Selecting the Right Size and Portability – Train Case Makeup Bag

Train Case Makeup Bag Glamgrader

The first aspect we consider is the size of the train case makeup bag. We assess our storage needs based on the amount of makeup we plan to carry. We opt for a compact size for daily use or short trips, and a larger case for more extensive makeup collections. The case should be portable, with a comfortable handle and, ideally, a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

SizeBest For
SmallDaily use, short trips
MediumLonger trips, more items
LargeProfessional use, large makeup collection

Material and Durability – Train Case Makeup Bag

Train Case Makeup Bag Glamgrader

We look for materials that balance durability and style. A hard, protective exterior such as polycarbonate is excellent for shielding delicate items, while softer materials like fabric may be lighter. The interior should have a protective lining, and water-resistant materials are a plus for easy cleaning.

PolycarbonateDurable, protective
FabricLightweight, stylish
Water-resistantProtects against spills

Internal Structure and Compartments – Train Case Makeup Bag

Train Case Makeup Bag Glamgrader

We focus on internal organization features. Adjustable dividers are a significant advantage, allowing for custom configuration of compartments. Mesh pockets are useful for seeing items quickly, and elastic bands hold products securely in place. A well-organized bag will keep products safe and accessible.

DividersCustomizable compartments
Mesh PocketsVisibility of contents
Elastic BandsKeeps products secure

Locking Mechanism and Security – Train Case Makeup Bag

We consider a secure locking mechanism important, especially when traveling. A lock helps protect expensive items and ensures privacy.

Lock TypeSecurity Level
CombinationCustomizable, no need for a key
KeySolid security, but risk losing key

Aesthetics and Personal Preference -Train Case Makeup Bag

Finally, we choose a style that matches our personal taste without compromising on functionality. The design should reflect our style, whether it’s professional, playful, or elegant.

By carefully evaluating these features, we find the best train case makeup bag that meets our specific needs.

Verdict: Best Train Case Makeup Bag

After extensive research and consideration of various factors such as durability, functionality, and design, we’ve determined the Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case is the standout winner. This makeup bag boasts a sturdy construction with adjustable compartments, making it highly adaptable to individual needs.

  • Durability: The Relavel case is crafted from high-quality Oxford fabric, which is both water-resistant and wear-resistant.
  • Design: With a dimension of 10.3″ x 9″ x 3.6″, it’s compact yet spacious enough to hold an array of makeup items. The sleek black look is professional and suits any style.
  • Functionality: It features several adjustable dividers, allowing for the creation of customized compartments that fit various product sizes.

The built-in brush holders are also a significant feature, ensuring makeup tools stay organized and are protected during transport. The double zipper design and the top handle make it convenient for both travel and daily use.

In our analysis, affordability is also considered without compromising quality. This makeup bag offers an excellent balance between cost and the benefits provided.

When choosing a train case makeup bag, personal preference plays a role. However, the Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case provides a universal solution that we believe will satisfy the needs of most makeup enthusiasts and professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions – Train Case Makeup Bag

In this section, we address common inquiries about choosing the best train case makeup bag, focusing on material durability, size, features, and suitability for travel.

What are the most durable materials for a makeup train case?

For enduring wear and tear, we recommend train cases made from high-quality aluminum, reinforced corners, and heavy-duty hardware. These materials stand up to frequent use and protect the contents effectively.

How do I choose the right size for a professional makeup train case?

Consider the volume of makeup you typically use. A smaller case suffices for personal use, while a larger, compartmentalized case better suits professional needs. Ensure it’s spacious enough for your products yet compact for easy handling.

What features should I look for in a makeup train case with a mirror?

A high-quality, shatterproof mirror is essential. Illumination and a swivel hinge for adjustable angles enhance functionality, allowing for flawless makeup application in varying lighting conditions.

Can a vintage train case be a good option for storing makeup?

Absolutely, a vintage train case can be both stylish and functional for makeup storage. Just ensure the interior is clean and has compartments for organization. Remember, charm doesn’t compromise on practicality.

Are there any makeup train cases designed specifically for travel convenience?

Yes, travel-specific makeup train cases have features like lockable latches, sturdy handles, wheels, and telescoping handles for ease of transport. Look for lightweight designs with TSA-approved locks for hassle-free security clearance.


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