Essence Juicy Bomb Nº 102 Review: Top Lip Gloss?

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

When it comes to adding a pop of radiance and a delightful fruity aroma to your lips, the Essence Juicy Bomb lip gloss in the witty watermelon shade has caught my attention. It promises to deliver that much needed glossy finish without the tackiness often associated with such products, making it a promising addition to one’s makeup routine.

Upon closer inspection, users have mentioned that the product offers a high gloss shine that indeed lives up to the nonsticky claim, a common gripe amongst lip gloss enthusiasts. The application is also touted as effortless, thanks to the slanted applicator tip that is designed for precise and smooth application. In terms of wearability, it caters to all skin types, aligning with the inclusive trend in beauty products today.

While offering these perks, the product doesn’t boast of long-lasting wear, which isn’t uncommon for glosses but is something to keep in mind for those looking for durability throughout the day. However, the sheer brilliance and ease of use seem to make up for this, pleasing customers seeking a straightforward, shiny lip finish with a pleasant scent.

Bottom Line

The Essence Juicy Bomb lip gloss excels in providing a glossy finish without stickiness and comes with a delicious watermelon scent. If a shiny touch and subtle scent are what you seek in a lip gloss, this product might be the perfect fit.

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Essence Lip Gloss Overview

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

When searching for the perfect lip gloss, the balance between stickiness and shine is crucial. The Juicy Bomb gloss from Essence achieves this with a non-sticky formula that promises ultra-glossy lips. I find its oblique applicator tip quite practical for easy application, ensuring an even coat without the fuss.

Some praise for this lip gloss comes from its scent and taste, reminiscent of juicy watermelons, adding a playful touch to the lip care routine. I’m intrigued by reports that its color and shine deliver as promised, enhancing the lips’ natural beauty without overwhelming them. The added bonus of a subtle volumizing effect is a pleasant surprise for those looking to plump up their pout a bit.

However, user experiences aren’t entirely uniform. A few find the lip gloss too liquid or the taste slightly off-putting, suggesting that personal preference plays a role in how much one might enjoy this product. With a 4.3-star rating based on 144 reviews, there’s a strong indication that many find its quality-to-price ratio satisfying.

The High Gloss finish is compatible with all skin types, which makes it a versatile choice. While I haven’t tried it myself, the consensus seems to be that this Essence lip gloss is a solid contender within its category, especially for those who value a shiny finish and a sweet scent.

Alluring Watermelon Aroma

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

The scent of summer can truly be captured in a tube, and this juicy offering does just that. The fruity watermelon fragrance of this lip gloss is pleasantly noticeable, creating a subtle yet unmistakable presence on the lips. It’s neither overpowering nor too faint, hitting a nice balance that could brighten up the daily routine of anyone who enjoys a burst of fresh aroma.

While the aroma is a selling point, it’s crucial to note that scent preferences are subjective, and what enchants one person might not appeal to another. The fragrance does add a playful touch to the glossy finish, but for those sensitive to scents, this aspect of the product may require careful consideration. The delightful watermelon scent underscores the lip gloss’s intent for a vivacious and fresh appearance.

Non-Sticky High Gloss Finish

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

In assessing the texture and finish of the Juicy Bomb lip gloss, I found its non-sticky quality quite noteworthy. Gloss fanatics often face the dilemma of finding a product that offers a luminous shine without the inconvenience of a tacky feel, which this formula gracefully avoids. The gloss provides a high gloss finish, rivaling the allure of freshly glazed lips, yet it comfortably sits on the lips without the undesirable sticky sensation that can often be a deal breaker for many.

The ease of application is enhanced by the cleverly designed oblique applicator tip, which allows for a precise and even coverage, resulting in a flawless glossy effect. The added fruity scent is a pleasant touch, contributing to the overall sensory experience of using the gloss. While the shine is pronounced, users should not expect it to present any longevity beyond that of typical glosses; reapplication throughout the day is necessary to maintain the initial brilliant sheen.

Hydrating Effect

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

In evaluating the hydrating capabilities of this lip gloss, it’s clear that it provides more than just surface level moisture. The Juicy Bomb gloss from essence boasts a formula that delivers a refreshing feel, which several users have noted as a standout feature. However, its hydration isn’t universally praised. For some, the gloss may feel too liquidy, potentially compromising comfort for those who prefer a thicker consistency.

I’ve gathered that the gloss imparts a softening effect on the lips. This is likely due to its high glossy finish, which also suggests an inclusion of moisturizing ingredients. A lightweight feel is a bonus here, as it doesn’t weigh down the lips or feel overly sticky, a common complaint with similar products.

The essence of watermelon adds a delightful sensorial aspect, though it’s worth mentioning that not everyone is enamored with the flavor. It’s a balancing act of taste preference and performance when it comes to the hydrating effects of the Juicy Bomb.

Universal Appeal for All Skin Types

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

When considering a versatile lip gloss, it’s important to assess how well it caters to various skin types. In my research, I’ve found that the essence Juicy Bomb gloss boasts an inclusive appeal. Its non-sticky texture and easy to apply design seem to universally resonate with users who desire comfort alongside their shine.

I’ve noticed that while some lip products might cause adverse reactions for sensitive skin, this lip gloss maintains a high satisfaction rate. The product’s formula, which emphasizes a glossy finish without stickiness, appears to be a common preference among consumers who seek a balance of look and feel.

Although it’s well-received across a range of skin types, the subtle tint may vary in appearance depending on one’s natural lip color. This variation is something to keep in mind, as the final look will likely be a sheer enhancement rather than full coverage. Overall, Essence Juicy Bomb Gloss seems to provide a pleasant and attractive addition to any makeup routine, regardless of one’s skin type.

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

Pros and Cons

When considering the Essence Juicy Bomb lip gloss in Witty Watermelon, it’s important to weigh the favorable aspects against the less desirable ones to ensure an informed decision.


Pleasant Scent: A recurring highlight is the delightful aroma of the lip gloss, which is frequently described as tempting and reminiscent of watermelon candy, suggesting that it adds to the overall sensory experience of the product

Texture and Application: Users have noted that the gloss glides on smoothly, indicating a consistency that is neither too thick nor too thin, which might contribute to an even and comfortable application

Hydration: There’s a consensus that this lip gloss performs well in moisturizing the lips, which could mean that it contains ingredients beneficial for keeping lips soft and preventing dryness

Slight Coloration: The product provides a subtle tint to the lips, which could be perfect for those who prefer a natural look or wish to enhance their makeup without going overboard

Value for Money: Positive remarks often touch on the reasonable price point, suggesting that it’s considered a worthwhile purchase by users who believe in the quality it offers for its cost


Consistency for Some: Although the texture is generally well-received, a few mentions indicate that it can be too liquid for some users’ preferences, possibly impacting the longevity of wear or the desired effect

Taste Preference: The flavor of the lip gloss doesn’t sit well with everyone. This is subjective, but worth noting for those who are particular about the taste of their lip products

Natural Look Might Not Be for Everyone: The light tinting may not satisfy users in search of a more pigmented or bold product. It’s important to consider what kind of look one is aiming for before purchasing

In summary, the Essence Juicy Bomb lip gloss holds an array of qualities that suggest it’s a pleasant, hydrating, and natural looking product for everyday use at a good price. However, certain aspects of its consistency and taste may not meet everyone’s expectations, underscoring the value of personal preference when selecting lip products.

Authentic Customer Reviews

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

In assessing the Juicy Bomb gloss by Essence, it’s crucial to consider the experiences of those who’ve actually used the product. The consensus among users suggests a product that both looks and smells appealing, with a particular emphasis on the watermelon scent that many find irresistible. Users commend its ability to add a subtle color to the lips while enhancing their natural look, contributing to its functionality as a gloss.

However, a few remarks indicate that the product’s texture may not be suitable for everyone. Some customers have noted that the gloss is a bit too liquid for their preference, which could affect the application experience. Despite this, the majority agree that the gloss delivers value for money, especially when snagged on sale, making it a satisfactory purchase for those on a budget.

In essence, the Juicy Bomb gloss garners appreciation for its nonsticky formula that can potentially give the appearance of fuller lips and the bonus of a softening effect, though it may not appeal to every user’s taste or texture preference.


Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

Wrapping up my thoughts on the Essence Juicy Bomb lip gloss, I find it strikes a fair balance between quality and value. Users often praise its delightful scent that’s reminiscent of fresh watermelon, tempting yet not overwhelming. Its performance as a gloss is commendable; it adds a subtle color to the lips and is not excessively sticky, a common pitfall for many glosses.

However, some may find the texture a bit too fluid for their preference, and the taste might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I appreciate that it seems to softly volumize the lips, complementing a natural makeup look without overpowering it. While personal experiences with the gloss vary, the consensus suggests a product that does what it’s designed to do efficiently, providing a lightly tinted sheen and a touch of softness.

Those looking for an affordable lip gloss would likely be content with this offering from Essence, given its performance and the general satisfaction users have expressed in their reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essence Juicy Bomb GlamGrader

As someone who’s scoured the web for the lowdown on the latest lip shine goodies, I’ve rounded up answers to some burning questions about the Essence Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes this lip gloss a contender in your beauty arsenal.

How does the hydration level of Essence Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss compare to other lip glosses?

From customer feedback, it appears that Essence Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss stands out for its nonsticky texture that doesn’t just sit on the lips but provides a degree of moisture. The consensus is that, as far as hydration goes, it does a fair job without feeling heavy or goopy, which can be a common issue with other glosses.

What are the primary benefits of using the Essence Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss on the lips?

Users have noted a few perks when it comes to this lip gloss:

  • The high-gloss finish adds luster and a visually plumping effect.
  • Its fruity scent is a pleasant, aromatic experience.
  • The oblique applicator tip allows for an even and hassle-free application.
  • It seems to add a touch of softness to the lips, which could be beneficial for those looking for an easy-to-wear, everyday gloss.

Is the Essence Juicy Bomb considered a lip oil or a lip gloss?

Essence Juicy Bomb is definitely in the lip gloss category. I’ve noticed it’s specifically intended to provide that glossy sheen typical of a lip gloss rather than the nourishing treatment you might expect from a lip oil. This product is about that eye-catching shine, not deep lip care.

What variety of flavors does the Essence Juicy Bomb lip gloss line offer?

The charm of the Essence Juicy Bomb range is its fruit-themed variety, seemingly inspired by mouthwatering treats. While I can’t list all the flavors here, it’s clear the brand aims to provide a luscious, flavor-filled experience, inviting users to explore various fruity options.

How does the Essence Juicy Bomb Lip Gloss in ‘witty watermelon’ perform in terms of pigmentation and shine?

The ‘witty watermelon’ shade of Essence Juicy Bomb is reported to add a subtle color to the lips, which lends itself to a more natural look rather than a full-on pigment punch. It’s the gloss and shine where this product really aims to make a mark, offering a high-glossy finish that catches the light for a pretty pout.

What are the customer reviews saying about the Essence Juicy Bomb ‘witty watermelon’ on Amazon?

I’ve perused through the customer reviews about ‘witty watermelon’ on Amazon, and the response has been quite positive with a 4.3-star average. Several users appreciate the smell, likening it to candy, and express satisfaction with the quality for the price point.

A few critics find it either too liquid or not to their taste, but overall, the feedback suggests users feel they’re getting their money’s worth. The gloss seems to perform well without being sticky, and the slight color tint is often seen as just right for those who favor a natural makeup style.


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