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Green Lipstick could be your new essential accessory in the beauty arsenal. Not only does it have the power to transform a look, but it also expresses mood and personality. While shades of red, pink, and nude have long been staples, there’s a growing trend for more unconventional colors, with green lipstick becoming a bold and expressive choice for those looking to make a statement. Green lipstick can range from subtle mint hues to deep, rich emeralds, catering to a variety of skin tones and occasions.

Choosing the right green lipstick is not just about picking a favorite shade; it involves considering the product’s formula, staying power, and how it complements your natural features. Some key factors to watch for are the pigmentation, the ingredients (looking for nourishing elements like vitamin E or natural oils can be a bonus), and the finish of the lipstick, whether matte, gloss, or satin. Each finish has its own charm and can dramatically alter the visual impact of the lipstick.

When I am on the hunt for a new green lipstick, I make sure to check for longevity and comfort. There’s nothing worse than a color that fades unevenly or feels heavy and drying. I seek out reviews and swatches to see how the lipstick performs in real life and whether it might become my next go-to for that pop of unexpected color.

Now, let me lead you through my final picks for the best green lipstick out there. I have vetted a large number of green lipsticks for quality, wearability, and that wow factor that could turn a green pout from a quirky choice to a fashion-forward statement. Let’s step into the verdant world of green lip products – it’s been fun over here with this exercise!

Green Lipsticks – My Top Picks

I’m thrilled to share with you my top selections for green lipsticks! Whether you’re aiming for a bold statement or just a touch of edgy elegance, there’s something incredibly captivating about swiping on a green shade. The lipsticks I’ve found come in a variety of finishes and hues — from vibrant neons to rich emeralds, each one sure to turn heads and add that perfect pop of color to any outfit. Get ready to pucker up in the most enviably green way!

#1 Mynena Jocelyne Matte Lipstick

I believe fashion-forward individuals seeking a bold lip color that lasts will be thrilled with this lipstick’s performance.


✅ Impressive staying power for all-day wear
✅ Inclusive, striking shade suitable for diverse skin tones
✅ Kiss-proof and waterproof for confidence in any situation


❌ May feel dry on lips after extended wear
❌ Requires careful application to avoid smudging
❌ Slightly sticky texture until fully dry

Those on the hunt for a green lipstick that makes a statement should definitely consider this product. Its non-transferable formula means it stays where you want it: on your lips. Parties, weddings, you name it this lipstick is there to make sure your look lasts as long as you do. And if you’re into the full, matte finish, it doesn’t disappoint. I admire how Mynena has engineered it to be durable yet comfortable, which can be a tricky balance to strike.

Let’s talk about color. The shade “Jocelyne” I find is both sexy and sophisticated. Whether you’ve got a costume event or you’re looking to jazz up your everyday style with something bold and trendy, this green has got you covered. But what really steals the show for me is the versatility of this shade, it looks fabulous on a range of skin tones.

The thoughtful formulation is another win for me, being gluten-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Conscious beauty enthusiasts will be happy to know that they’re wearing a product that aligns with ethical standards. This product doesn’t just make your lips look good; it respects your skin and values as well.

Caring about ingredients, this lipstick’s high-quality, mineral-based recipe means you’re not just getting color, you’re getting quality. The added sweet vanilla scent? A bonus that brings a touch of indulgence to your makeup ritual.

To sum it up, the Mynena Jocelyne Matte Lipstick packs a punch in the world of green lipsticks. It’s definitely one for my makeup bag, and I’m excited for it to find a place in yours too!

#2 Easilydays Olive Green Lipstick

For a standout, Halloween-ready look, I choose the Easilydays Olive Green Lipstick every time as it certainly delivers with its unique hue and matte finish.


✅ Highly pigmented for a vivid color payoff
✅ Waterproof and long-lasting wear
✅ Versatile for both costume and everyday use


❌ May take some time to dry completely
❌ Potential difficulty in removal and possible staining
❌ Could be drying on the lips without proper lip balm base

Choosing the right green lipstick can be quite a thrill, especially when it promises a matte, non-budge finish. This olive green shade from Easilydays is a bold choice for anyone seeking to make a statement. Its high pigmentation means a little goes a long way. I find that its staying power during parties or long events can be really convenient, saving the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

Creating an impression with unique makeup looks around Halloween or at a cosplay event has never been easier. This green lipstick can be a real conversation starter! Its waterproof formula ensures a non-sticky cup effect, which is great for those who don’t want to leave traces on their drink glasses. Plus, the variety of striking colors can match any theme or outfit you’re planning.

Yet, buying this lipstick isn’t just about costume makeup. Its olive green shade provides a twist to your everyday look if you’re in the mood for it. With an easy application, it lends itself well to those who appreciate a sharp, standout aesthetic. However, like many matte lipsticks, it’s wise to moisturize the lips beforehand to avoid dryness. Also, bear in mind that removal might require patience and a strong makeup remover.

In my opinion, this Easilydays green lipstick is a nice fit if you’re the type of buyer who dares to be different and is not shy about sporting unconventional makeup. Whether it’s adorning your look for a thematic event or adding some edge to your daily style, the unique color, combined with the lasting finish, makes it worth considering.

#3 Evpct Emerald Queen

I think if you’re aiming to make a bold statement with your lips, this evpct 3-piece green lipstick set might just be your go-to!


✅ Infused with natural ingredients like Vitamin E for a moisturizing effect
✅ Long-lasting wear without the dreaded stickiness
✅ Perfect for different occasions, from daily wear to special events


❌ Some users report the need for multiple applications throughout the day
❌ Possible transfer and smudging before it’s fully dried
❌ Removing the lipstick might require a bit of effort

Green lipsticks are not just a cosmetic, they are a statement. This Evpct lipstick set stands out for its natural formula, packed with ingredients like beeswax and vegetable oil, which I find refreshing. The silky, lightweight texture hydrates your lips and the non-stick, long-lasting finish promises to keep your pout perfect for hours. As someone who enjoys making a statement, this product feels like it could be a staple for people who love experimenting with bold lip colors, especially those looking to stand out in a crowd or wanting to add a dramatic touch to their makeup look.

This trio is versatile, suiting a variety of occasions. Whether I am heading to work or out to a party, having options is always a plus in my book. These lipsticks cater to those who are unafraid of playing with unconventional shades.

Comparatively, the fact that this set includes three popular colors is a massive advantage. Often, I find myself buying individual lipsticks, but here, you get a collection that covers several looks and moods. True, it may not last as long as I’d like on my lips and might require a bit more care when applying, but the vibrancy and quality of the color could make it worth the effort.

For anyone who’s environmentally conscious, the use of natural ingredients could be a significant draw. It’s lovely to see beauty products that lean towards a more sustainable approach. This, combined with the rich pigmentation and glossy finish, makes the Evpct lipstick set ideal for anyone looking to blend eco-conscious choices with their love for bold makeup.

#4 AKARY Green Camo Lipstick

I believe this green lipstick from AKARY is a fun pick for anyone looking to add a bold touch to their costume or cosplaying attire.


✅ Highly pigmented for standout lips
✅ Moisturizing formula keeps lips comfortable
✅ Easy to remove, avoiding long-lasting stains


❌ May not be suitable for daily wear due to the vivid color
❌ Some users report challenges with even application
❌ Not as long-lasting as some may require for extended events

As a vibrant, bold choice, AKARY’s Green Camo Lipstick is best for makeup enthusiasts who love to experiment with daring colors, particularly around Halloween or for cosplay events. Its highly pigmented formula ensures that you get a striking green color with just a few swipes, which truly sets it apart from less intense options.

Blending is a breeze with this lipstick, and its moisturizing capability is a definite win. You won’t have to worry about the usual dryness associated with matte lipsticks. The fact it has a convenient design means you can bring it anywhere and touch up your look on the go.

Although it impresses with color payoff, there are slight drawbacks. Mainly, the intensity of the shade might not be practical for everyday use, which could limit its versatility for some users. Also, you might need to be a bit patient to get a flawlessly even layer. And during a long party or event, be prepared for the possibility that it may fade and call for reapplication.

Nonetheless, the ease of removal at the end of the day is praiseworthy. No tough scrubbing or harsh cleaners needed—just a simple makeup remover wipe will do the job. Is it among your typical beauty essentials? Probably not. But when it’s time to make a statement with your makeup, this AKARY Green Camo Lipstick could be exactly what you’re looking for.

#5 Forbidden Forest Lipstick

If you’re in the market for a strikingly unique lip color, the Forbidden Forest Lipstick by Kuckian is a mesmerizing choice that won’t disappoint.


✅ Impressive staying power for all-day wear
✅ Vegan and cruelty-free formula
✅ Includes precision applicators for easy use


❌ Some may find the green shade too bold
❌ Matte finish can be drying
❌ May require lip prep for best results

Lipstick is so much more than makeup; it’s a statement. That’s why I’m thrilled about the Forbidden Forest Lipstick. It provides a pop of luxurious green that’s bound to turn heads and spark conversations. The long-wear, kiss-proof promise is ideal for those who need their look to last all day without the pesky need for constant touch-ups.

What’s more, this product stands tall with its commitment to clean beauty. Those of us conscious of the ethical implications of our cosmetics will appreciate that it’s both vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with a compassionate lifestyle.

However, even the best products have potential drawbacks, and this is no different. The Forbidden Forest’s bold green hue may not be for the faint of heart. And while I love the velvety matte finish, it can be drying, so make sure to hydrate and prep your lips beforehand.

What sets this lipstick apart for me are the thoughtful extras. It comes with precision applicators, which are a godsend for achieving those razor-sharp edges. And for anyone who’s ever struggled to find a statement piece in their makeup kit, this shade is nothing short of a showstopper.

I see this green lipstick as a perfect match for bold fashionistas and those looking to add a punch of unexpected color to their makeup routine. So if you’re the type who loves to stand out and values ethical beauty, the Forbidden Forest Lipstick might just be your new favorite find.

Buying Guide – Best Green Lipsticks to Try

Understand Your Shade

Green lipstick comes in various shades, from neon to dark forest greens. I need to identify my undertone cool, warm, or neutral to select a shade that complements my skin tone.

Ingredients Matter

GlamGrader Green Lipsticks

I always check the ingredients list for anything that might irritate my skin. I look for lipsticks that are hydrating, preferably with natural components like Vitamin E, jojoba oil, or shea butter.

Longevity Is Key

For me, it’s vital to have a green lipstick that lasts. A good quality lipstick should stay on for several hours. I look for products described as long-lasting or with good staying power.

Pigmentation and Coverage

The pigmentation can make or break the look. I choose lipsticks that provide even coverage with minimal application.

Cruelty-Free and Vegan Options

As an animal lover, I ensure the lipstick is cruelty-free and, if possible, vegan.

Price Point

GlamGrader Green Lipstick

Lipstick prices can vary widely. I always set a budget but am ready to invest a bit more for better quality.

Testimonials and Reviews

I don’t forget to read user reviews to get an idea of how the lipstick performs in real life.

FeatureWhat to Look For
ShadeComplement to my skin’s undertone
IngredientsHydrating elements, no irritants
LongevityBudget-friendly yet open to spending more for higher quality
PigmentationHigh-quality, even coverage
EthicsCruelty-free, vegan options available
PriceBudget-friendly yet opens to spending more for higher quality
ReviewsPositive testimonials from other users, validating quality and performance

Verdict: The Best Green Lipstick for 2024

I’m thrilled to announce that after much trial and experimentation, I’ve found the standout green lipstick for 2024 Maybelline New York Color Sensational Green Lipstick Metallic Lipstick in the shade Serpentine. This vibrant, metallic emerald hue has stolen my heart with its long-lasting formula and luxurious matte finish, making it a winner in my book.

Why Maybelline New York Color Sensational Green Lipstick Metallic Lipstick in Serpentine is Top Tier:

  • Metallic Finish: The brilliant metallic sheen differentiates it from many matte or standard shimmer lipsticks.
  • Creamy Matte Texture: Offers comfortable wear, setting it apart from some metallic lipsticks that can be drying.
  • Honey Nectar Infusion: Enhances comfort, making it more moisturizing compared to some other long-wear or matte lipsticks.

I couldn’t help but fall in love with Serpentine which is known for its brilliant metallic finish and comfortable creamy matte texture. It is infused with honey nectar, which contributes to a supremely comfortable feel on the lips. This product is a top choice for those seeking a high-quality green lipstick with a dramatic and outstanding look. The rich color that Serpentine provides looks equally stunning whether I’m going for a bold, daring look or pairing it with a subtle eye for a pop of color.

So for anyone seeking to make a statement with their lips in 2024, Maybelline New York Color Sensational Green Lipstick Metallic Lipstick is my top recommendation. Its exceptional quality and bold look are sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Frequently Asked Questions – Green Lipsticks to Try

I absolutely adore exploring the vibrant world of green lipsticks! Let me share some insights into the hues and marvels that have makeup enthusiasts buzzing this season.

What are the top trending shades of green lipstick this season?

This season, my makeup bag is overflowing with enchanting forest greens and lively neons. They’re dominating the trend charts and turning heads with their unique appeal.

Which emerald green lipsticks are getting rave reviews?

I’ve seen the makeup community raving about the luxurious depth and jewel-like allure of certain emerald-green lipsticks. They provide a rich, captivating color that’s both classic and bold.

How does color-changing green lipstick work its magic?

Color-changing green lipsticks begin with a green hue but adapt to the pH of my lips, blossoming into a tailor-made pink or coral. It’s like a magic trick with chemistry at its heart!

What Skin Tones Suit Green Lipstick?

Green lipstick is surprisingly versatile. I find that olive complexions can pull off warmer greens, while cooler green shades can look stunning on paler or darker skin tones.

What Makeup Looks Work Best with Green Lipstick?

Pairing green lipstick with minimal eye makeup makes the lips stand out as a statement feature. For a more avant-garde look, I like to complement it with equally bold eye shades.

What are the most seductive lipstick colors to pair with green shades?

I love combining deep reds or purples with my green lipsticks for a truly seductive look. These rich tones create a delightful contrast that’s impossible to ignore.


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