Kiko Milano Lip Gloss Review: Unveiling the Shine Factor for 2024

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Kiko Milano, a brand known for its wide range of high quality cosmetics, offers a collection of lip glosses that stand out for their variety of finishes and shades. Whether someone is seeking a subtle sheen for a natural look or a more striking sparkle for a night out, Kiko Milano lip gloss aims to provide long lasting shine and hydration. Their formulations often include nourishing ingredients to keep the lips moisturized while ensuring a comfortable wear.

When selecting the right lip gloss, it’s important to consider factors such as the texture, the intensity of the shine, the persistence of the formula, and potential added benefits like hydration or plumping effects. Ingredients and possible sensitivities should also be taken into account to ensure a pleasant experience. Some prefer a sticky gloss for its longevity, while others opt for a smoother, more balm like texture.

In exploring Kiko Milano’s lip gloss range, I find that their products strike a balance between glamour and comfort, aiming to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clientele. By focusing on the specifics of what differentiates their lip gloss, one can better appreciate the nuances of each product and make an informed choice that resonates with their personal style and lip care needs. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Kiko Milano lip glosses a worthy contender in the sea of lip shine options.

Top Kiko Milano Lip Gloss Picks

I’ve tried numerous lip glosses, and Kiko Milano stands out for their outstanding shine and range of shades. Their formula isn’t sticky, but instead feels hydrating and comfortable for all day wear. In my experience, these glosses provide a perfect final touch that can either enhance a full makeup look or add a simple polish to a bare face. The selection I’ve gathered showcases the best they offer, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

#1 KIKO Cream Cashmere Gloss

If you’re on the hunt for a lip gloss that offers a comfortable feel with a dazzling look, the KIKO Cream Cashmere Gloss might just be your next favorite beauty essential.


✅ Infused with natural ingredients like flax seed oil for hydration
✅ Black Jack extract for a smoother, fuller lip appearance
✅ Diverse finish options for versatile styling needs


❌ Could be outside the price range of budget-conscious shoppers
❌ The longevity of wear may vary based on individual use
❌ Limited shade range in this specific collection

When it comes to lip gloss, achieving the perfect balance between shine and comfort can often be a challenge. Yet, this is where the KIKO Milano 3d Hydra Lipgloss excels. I find the inclusion of flax seed oil a smart choice, as it deeply moisturizes the lips, creating a barrier against dryness without a tacky afterfeel. Moreover, the plant-derived retinol alternative, black jack extract, is an exceptional feature that helps your lips look fuller and smoother, potentially reducing the need for separate lip plumper products.

The texture is another highlight worth mentioning. I appreciate a gloss that glides on with ease, and this product’s silky application allows for a precise and even coat. The soft-touch wand serves as the cherry on top, making the beauty routine just a bit more luxurious.

Drawing a comparison across other options on the market, KIKO Milano’s reflective formula appears to stand out for its high-tech approach to lip care and aesthetics. The collection ranges from boldly pigmented to glittery finishes which means it can cater to various styles, moods, and occasions, which I regard as essential for those who love to switch up their looks.

A buyer looking for a gloss that not only beautifies but also cares for their lips would find this product suitable. If you value natural ingredients, a lip-enhancing effect, and versatility in finishes, the KIKO Milano 3d Hydra Lipgloss could be a splendid addition to your makeup collection. However, if budget or shade variety is a primary concern, you may want to consider other alternatives.

#2 Kiko Milano Tutu Rose

If you’re in the market for a lip gloss that offers more than just shine, the Kiko Milano Lip Volume Tutu Rose is a worthy contender.


✅ Hydration booster with hyaluronic acid
✅ Adds a natural shimmer to the lips
✅ Nonsticky texture that feels smooth


❌ May not significantly plump for everyone
❌ Limited color range in this specific line
❌ Tingling sensation might be uncomfortable for some

Lip gloss enthusiasts will find the hydrating properties of Kiko Milano Lip Volume Tutur Rose exceptionally beneficial, especially with the inclusion of hyaluronic acid. I appreciate that this ingredient not only provides immediate moisture but also works to maintain lip hydration over time.

The elegant shade of Tutu Rose lends a subtle sheen that enhances your natural lip color. It’s perfect for buyers who prefer a touch of refinement without overwhelming boldness. This distinguishes it from other products on the market, as many glosses aim for high-impact color.

Critically speaking, though some users expect a lip plumper to offer dramatic results, this product’s plumping effect can be more understated. However, it finds its strength as a lip enhancer, giving a silky finish that feels luxurious.

While some lip glosses tend to be sticky and uncomfortable, this formula is pleasantly silky, applying smoothly without the tacky aftermath. It’s ideal for everyday wear, ensuring my lips feel pampered and look polished.

It’s worth noting, the tingling sensation that accompanies the application is indicative of the plumping agents at work. Although I don’t mind it, others might be less enthusiastic about this feature.

The Kiko Milano Tutu Rose is best for buyers seeking a hydrating gloss with subtle volumizing effects and a touch of class. It stands out for its moisturizing capabilities and smooth, shiny finish, making it a highlight in a sea of glosses that neglect lip care.

#3 Kiko Milano Double Touch Lipstick

If you’re seeking a radiant finish and lasting color for your lips, I’d recommend considering Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch 113.


✅ Indulges the lips with up to 12 hours of color durability
✅ Features a comforting base color followed by a glossy finish
✅ Dermatologically tested for a peace of mind application


❌ The stiff brush applicator may challenge some users
❌ Gloss component may require reapplication
❌ Shade variation may not match expectations for all users

Among Kiko Milano offerings, the Unlimited Double Touch 113 stands out for its robust staying power. It’s quite noteworthy how the base color stays in place, resisting the urge to fade for an impressive duration. When I compare this characteristic to other lip products, the long wear feature is a significant advantage for buyers who don’t want to frequently reapply their lipstick throughout the day.

In addition, the two-step application process, initiating with a deeply pigmented base and concluding with a glossy seal, is ingeniously designed. This provides not only a radiant and hydrated look but also versatility in the finish matte when worn alone, or lustrous with the gloss. As part of this review process, I find it crucial to note that buyers often seek products that give them options, and the Double Touch 113 excels in this domain.

However, it’s important to address the applicator’s rigidity which may subtract from the application experience. When I think of the ease of use being paramount, the stiff brush may deter some, though it’s not a deal breaker given the product’s other merits. Furthermore, the gloss’s longevity doesn’t quite match up to its base counterpart, which may call for additional attention during a long day.

In terms of whom this product best serves, it’s ideal for those who prioritize long-lasting color and enjoy a dual-finish versatility in their lip products. While every beauty enthusiast’s preferences vary widely, I see the Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch 113 catering well to individuals with a busy lifestyle or those who appreciate a high-performance lip product with minimal need for touch-ups.

#4 Kiko Vintage Rose

For those seeking a pop of metallic shine with a comfortable feel, this Kiko Milano lip gloss is a must-try.


✅ High coverage for bold lips
✅ Clinically tested and hypoallergenic
✅ Moisturizing formula that doesn’t dry out lips


❌ May not have long-lasting wear
❌ Limited color options
❌ Potential for transfer onto objects

For enthusiasts of radiant shine and bold lip colors, Kiko MILANO’s Metal Liquid Lip Color in 02 Vintage Rose could be a delightful addition to your makeup arsenal. Its high-coverage formula ensures your lips stand out, and the pearlescent finish can take any look from simple to striking in seconds.

Its hypoallergenic nature and dermatological testing offer peace of mind, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. I appreciate the attention Kiko gives to the quality and safety of their products, ensuring they’re kind to all skin types.

The creamy, non-comedogenic texture is another highlight. It lovingly clings to the lips, providing a luxurious, liquid metal finish. The included flocked applicator makes precision a breeze, leaving a smooth and even application behind that’s a dream for the meticulous among us.

However, this lip color may not fare well for those of us in need of durable, all-day wear. Some might find the need for frequent touch-ups a bit cumbersome. The color selection seems quite narrow, which could be a drawback for those who love variety.

If you’re often on the move and need a quick, glamorous touch-up, the Kiko MILANO Metallic Lip Gloss might just be your new go-to. Despite its potential for transfer, the comfort and shine it provides can make it a gem in your makeup collection.

#5 Kiko Lip Volume Cream

If you’re after a lip gloss that offers a nourishing touch and a natural shine, the Kiko Milano Lip Volume might be your match.


✅ Infused with hyaluronic acid for hydration
✅ Non sticky formula for comfortable wear
✅ Provides a natural, volumizing shine


❌ May not deliver significant plumping for everyone
❌ Not designed for color payoff, clear gloss
❌ Some users may prefer a more noticeable volumizing effect

Kiko Milano’s Lip Volume cream is a game changer for those who value lip care and a subtle enhancement. Its moisturizing properties derived from sesame seed oil and hyaluronic acid spheres make it ideal for buyers looking for a lip gloss that goes beyond just aesthetics to nourish their lips. I appreciate how it revitalizes the lips’ natural color without going overboard.

Compared to other lip glosses I’ve come across, Kiko’s option stands out for its creamy, non-sticky texture. Applying it is a breeze thanks to the flocked applicator, which smoothly coats the lips, leaving them soft and supple. The transparent finish appeals to me as it suggests versatility, it can be worn alone for a natural gleam or atop your favorite lipstick for added shine.

When evaluating this product against its peers, it’s evident that the focus here is on a treatment-like experience for your lips. While some may seek out a dramatic volume effect, this lip gloss subtly plumps and enhances without discomfort or irritation, as it’s dermatologically tested. If you’re in the market for a product that favors lip health with a side of cosmetic elegance, Kiko Milano Lip Volume transparent cream is worth considering. One limitation, though, is that it won’t be your go-to for color. However, its excellent hydrating capability and natural finish are beneficial features that promote this gloss as a daily essential.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Kiko Milano GlamGrader

Before I choose a lip gloss, I assess my needs. For example, if I want something for everyday use, I look for a formula that provides hydration and subtle color. If I’m aiming for a more dramatic look for an evening out, I prefer a lip gloss with a high shine or glitter finish.


I always check the ingredients list. I prefer products with nourishing components like vitamins and natural oils, and I avoid glosses with ingredients that I might be allergic to or that can dry out my lips, such as certain alcohols.

Applicator Type

Kiko Milano GlamGrader

The applicator can greatly affect the gloss application. I generally find that a doe-foot applicator allows for a smoother application, while a brush can offer a more precise application. It’s best to choose based on what makes me feel more comfortable during application.

Finish and Texture

FinishTextureIdeal for
SheerLightweightCasual, natural look
OpaqueThicker, stickierAdding sparkle, typically used over another color
GlitterVariedAdding sparkle, typically used over another color
GlossySmooth, shinyMaking lips appear fuller and more luscious

From this list, I determine what finish and texture align with the look I’m going for and ensure the product I select matches those preferences.

Color Pigmentation

Kiko Milano GlamGrader

When it comes to color, I decide whether I want a transparent gloss that enhances my natural lip color or a pigmented one that stands out. Swatching different shades, if possible, helps me decide which color suits me best.

Longevity and Comfort

I consider how long the lip gloss lasts before needing reapplication and how comfortable it is to wear throughout the day. If I’m busier and can’t reapply often, I opt for a long-lasting formula that doesn’t compromise comfort.

By considering these features and aligning them with my personal requirements, I confidently select the best lip gloss for my needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’ve gathered the most common inquiries about KIKO Milano Lip Gloss to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

What are the available shades of KIKO Milano lip gloss?

KIKO Milano lip gloss comes in a wide array of shades. From subtle nudes to vibrant pinks and bold reds, there is a color to suit every occasion and skin tone.

What are the features of the 3D Hydra lip gloss by KIKO?

The 3D Hydra lip gloss by KIKO is known for its luminous shine and volumizing effect. It hydrates the lips, leaving them smooth and plump, without feeling sticky.

What is the texture and consistency of the Kiko Milano lip gloss?

My experiences with KIKO Milano lip gloss have shown that it typically has a creamy texture that glides on smoothly. Its consistency is well-balanced, ensuring it’s neither too thick nor too runny.

Does KIKO Milano offer lip gloss sets?

Yes, KIKO Milano occasionally offers lip gloss sets, especially during the holiday season or for special promotions. These sets can be a cost-effective way to try multiple shades.

Does the Kiko Milano lip gloss have any special features such as long-lasting wear, moisturizing properties, or plumping effects?

The KIKO Milano lip gloss is designed to be long-lasting and users often report that it has excellent staying power. Many formulas include moisturizing ingredients for lip care and some have plumping effects for a fuller appearance.

How does KIKO Milano lip gloss compare to other brands in terms of quality?

Based on my experience with various brands, KIKO Milano lip gloss holds up well in terms of quality. The brand offers high pigment saturation and formulations that rival luxury competitors at a more accessible price point.


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