What lip gloss does Ariana Grande use?

What lip gloss does Ariana Grande use? Ariana Grande’s go-to lip gloss is the REM Beauty Lip Gloss. Ariana Grande is known for her iconic style and makeup preferences, often opting for a natural, radiant look with a focus on enhancing her lips. Her choice of lip gloss is an essential part of her signature style, providing a glossy finish that complements her overall appearance. She has been seen using a variety of lip gloss shades, ranging from light pinks to nude tones, adding versatility to her makeup looks.

Detailed Information about Ariana Grande’s Lip Gloss

Ariana Grande’s Style and Makeup Preferences – What lip gloss does Ariana Grande use?

  • In addition to lip gloss, Ariana also emphasizes soft, fluttery eyelashes, often achieved through the use of natural-looking falsies that enhance her doe-eyed look.
  • Her makeup style is completed with a touch of blush to add a healthy and youthful glow, creating a harmonious balance with her lip-focused approach.

Types of Lip Gloss Ariana Grande Has Used

What lip gloss does Ariana Grande use? Ariana Grande Lip Gloss REM Beauty

Ariana Grande is known for her signature glossy lips that always look stunning. She has an extensive collection of lip glosses that she uses to achieve different looks, from natural to glamorous. Let’s delve into the types of lip glosses Ariana Grande has used:

  • Clear Gloss: Ariana often opts for a clear gloss to enhance the natural shine of her lips. This choice gives her a fresh and effortless look, perfect for both casual outings and red carpet events.
  • Pink-Toned Gloss: Adding a subtle pop of color, Ariana has been seen sporting pink-toned gloss, which complements her feminine and sweet style. This choice adds a touch of playfulness to her overall makeup look.
  • High-Shine Gloss: When performing on stage or attending high-profile events, Ariana goes for high-shine gloss to create a glamorous and eye-catching finish. This choice not only accentuates her lips but also adds a captivating dimension to her entire look.
  • Iridescent Gloss: In some instances, Ariana has beautifully rocked iridescent gloss, adding a unique and ethereal quality to her lips. The iridescence reflects light in mesmerizing ways, adding depth and allure to her makeup.

Ariana’s diverse collection of lip glosses showcases her versatile makeup preferences and reflects her journey of beauty evolution over the years. These choices have become iconic in her signature style, inspiring countless individuals to add a touch of Grande glam to their own makeup routines.

Tips for Achieving a Similar Lip Gloss Look – What lip gloss does Ariana Grande use?

Ariana Grande’s makeup philosophy is all about self-expression and feeling beautiful in one’s own skin. She doesn’t believe in following strict beauty rules, but rather encourages using makeup as a means to express oneself and feel confident. Her R.E.M. Beauty line reflects this ethos, offering a range of products from eye palettes and liquid shadows to lip markers and false eyelashes.

The line emphasizes bold ’60s colors, monochrome ’90s blush and lip pairings, and includes unique products like a face mist and an under-eye balm that Grande particularly loves. This under-eye balm is described as a cooling, refreshing, and energizing product that’s perfect for prepping the eye area for makeup, especially when dealing with dark circles or puffiness​ (Vogue Arabia)​.

For achieving her signature look, Grande uses products from her own makeup line, R.E.M. Beauty. Her iconic beauty look includes winged eyeliner, high ponytail, nude lip, and contoured cheeks. To create her eye look, she starts with the Midnight Shadows Eyeshadow Palette, applying the lightest shade all over primed lids and warming up the outer corners with her favorite shades. She adds a touch of sparkle with the Interstellar Highlighter Topper in the center of her eyelids.

The cat-eye is achieved using the At The Borderline Eyeliner Marker, and she lines the waterline with the At The Borderline Eyeliner Pencil. Grande’s favorite lip combo involves coloring in her lips with the Practically Permanent Lip Stain Marker and topping it with the On your Collar Plumping Lip Gloss​ (NewBeauty)​.

Grande’s approach to makeup is refreshing and personal, emphasizing the joy of creativity and self-care in one’s beauty routine.

Conclusion – What lip gloss does Ariana Grande use?

As we conclude our exploration of Ariana Grande’s lip gloss choices and beauty insights, it’s evident that her makeup preferences reflect versatility, elegance, and a dedication to enhancing natural beauty. By incorporating her go-to lip gloss choices and makeup tips, you can embark on your own journey to achieve a stunning lip gloss look reminiscent of this talented artist. Stay tuned for more beauty revelations and insider tips on our blog!


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