NYX Butter Gloss Review: Definitely Worth the Hype!

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

In search of a lip gloss that can give your lips a splash of color without the sticky aftermath? I found that the NYX Butter Gloss in the Rocky Road shade offers a delightful balance between color and comfort.

With a formula that promises a non sticky finish, this gloss provides a sheer to medium coverage that simply glides onto your lips. It leaves them looking shiny and feeling moisturized, which might just make it a staple in your makeup routine.

Upon trying it, one thing that stands out is how it seems to stay in place. The wine color of Rocky Road delivers a subtle yet bold tint, versatile enough for various occasions. Plus, the gloss comes from a brand acknowledged for not testing on animals, aligning with ethical beauty practices.

Bottom Line – NYX Butter Gloss Review

The NYX Butter Gloss in Rocky Road could be a charming addition to your collection, especially if you fancy a hint of color with your lip shine.

Considering its features and the positive buzz around its formula, it begs to be tried out by those who love a luscious, cruelty-free gloss.

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NYX Butter Gloss Overview

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

When considering a gloss that achieves a balance between a luscious sheen and comfort, the Butter Gloss by NYX stands out. It has gained notable attention for its silky texture and wide shade range, promising sheer to medium coverage. The Rocky Road hue specifically offers a wine-colored tint that’s intended to enhance the lips without overwhelming them.

As a reviewer, I appreciate that the product doesn’t give that unpleasant sticky sensation often associated with lip glosses. It’s designed to be comfortably worn alone or layered over other lip products for added depth. Users have conveyed contentment with its lasting power and the ease of its applicability due to the handy doe foot wand.

I’m also conscious of ethical considerations, and it’s commendable that NYX has been acknowledged for their cruelty free standards. This commitment aligns well with the expectations of conscientious consumers who seek to support brands with such practices.

On the downside, the product might present a variation in color intensity, which might not meet everyone’s expectations. Some shades may appear slightly different in person as compared to promotional images. However, numerous users have found their perfect match within the brand’s extensive palette.

In summary, the Butter Gloss combines ease of use, ethical makeup values, and versatile appeal. It addresses the fundamentals one looks for in a non-sticky lip gloss, making it a worthy contender for those in search of everyday lip wear.

Silky Texture and Sheer to Medium Coverage – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

In assessing the NYX Butter Gloss, I observed that its consistency stands out as particularly noteworthy. The texture is genuinely buttery smooth, a trait that many lip products aspire to, but not all achieve. It glides on the lips with a comfort that suggests a careful balance of oils in its formula. This lip gloss doesn’t feel heavy or sticky, which is a relief for those of us who prefer a lightweight lip product suitable for everyday wear.

Coverage wise, the Butter Gloss is versatile. It provides a sheer application that can be built up to a medium level, depending on one’s preference. This characteristic allows for a natural look, giving just a hint of color for that “my lips but better” effect, or a more pronounced wine tint for an evening look, all within the same product.

Yet, while the gloss delivers on its promise of non-stickiness and smooth wear, the longevity could be a challenge. Since it’s a gloss, frequent touch-ups may be necessary to maintain the desired finish, especially after meals or drinks. This is something to consider if long wear is a top priority. Overall, the texture and coverage of Butter Gloss in Rocky Road do make it a delightful product within its category.

Range of Sumptuous Shades – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

When considering the Butter Gloss by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, the color selection is a noticeable highlight. The shades cover a broad palette, from neutrals to vibrant hues, offering versatility to suit various preferences and occasions. The brand promises a range of sheer to medium coverages, which suggests that the gloss can either enhance the natural color of one’s lips or provide a more pronounced tint if layered.

However, the names of the shades such as “Rocky Road” can be misleading, as one might expect a darker tint from a wine named gloss, but in reality, it might be lighter upon application. Consumers should note that although the variety is impressive, actual pigment saturation varies from shade to shade.

Positively, my observation is that NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP adheres to ethical standards by keeping their products cruelty free. This attribute adds a conscientious appeal to the product, aligning with the values of many modern buyers who look beyond aesthetics to the ethics behind their cosmetics.

Long Lasting and Non-Sticky Formula – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

I appreciate how the Butter Gloss is a delightful contradiction in the world of lip glosses, it proves itself to be enduring without the infamous stickiness that many glosses carry. Its formula is designed to offer sheer to medium coverage, which glides onto the lips with a certain effortlessness and stays put admirably, resisting the common issue of feathering.

Admirers of this product have pointed out the comfort in wear, highlighting that it leaves the lips feeling soft and flexible throughout its wear. While NYX Professional Makeup promises a long-lasting finish, some users may find the need for reapplication, especially after eating or drinking, to be a minor drawback.

NYX’s commitment to cruelty-free makeup adds an additional layer of satisfaction for me, knowing the product aligns with ethical standards. Yet, the challenge of finding a long-wearing gloss without moisture loss or tackiness is noteworthy, it seems the Butter Gloss meets this demand, offering a balance between longevity and a pleasing texture.

Cruelty-Free Commitment – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

In assessing the compassionate philosophy behind this lip gloss, I’m pleased to report the brand’s strong stance on animal welfare. NYX Professional Makeup has been acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand, highlighting their dedication to cosmetics without compromise in ethical standards. They promise that none of their products, including the beloved Butter Gloss, are tested on animals.

For me, the reassurance that my makeup choices do not contribute to animal testing adds to the appeal of the product. With increasing consumer awareness around ethical beauty practices, this commitment by NYX could weigh significantly in a potential buyer’s decision. While this stance on cruelty-free products is admirable, it is important to note that the definition of ‘cruelty-free’ can vary and does not necessarily mean the product is vegan or free from all animal-derived ingredients. Transparency from brands on these issues is crucial for informed consumer choices.

Pros and Cons

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

When considering the Butter Gloss from NYX, I’ve observed several standout benefits.

✅ Notably, its formula offers a buttery soft texture that’s a pleasure to apply

✅ Customers consistently mention how it smoothly glides onto lips without leaving a sticky aftermath, which often plagues other glosses

✅ The sheer to medium coverage is perfect for those who prefer a more natural look or wish to layer on top of another lip product for added shine

✅ The inclusivity of the color range is commendable, catering to diverse preferences and occasions

✅ Another compelling pro is its impressive staying power; users have reported that the gloss maintains its appearance for hours, minimizing the need for reapplication

✅ Additionally, the commitment of NYX to cruelty-free production resonates with my ethos of ethical consumerism

✅ Finally, the scent is a delightful touch, with a vanilla essence that enhances the experience without overwhelming the senses

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

However, the Butter Gloss isn’t without its drawbacks.

❌ An issue raised pertains to packaging concerns, such as difficulty removing price tag stickers, leading to an unsightly appearance. While these are not deal breakers, they temper the overall satisfaction

❌ It’s worth mentioning that those seeking out a lip gloss that offers full, opaque coverage might find this particular product lacking

❌ The Butter Gloss is aimed more at delivering a natural, easy-to-wear aesthetic rather than a bold statement

Customer Reviews – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

Users frequently applaud the NYX Butter Gloss for its non-sticky formula and variety of shades. It’s often mentioned that the gloss has a pleasant smell, reminiscent of vanilla, adding to the sensory experience. The consistency is smooth, and the small doe foot applicator is praised for precise application.

Many customers report that colors are vibrant and true to expectations, though a few note slight variations, prompting the advice to check multiple sources for color accuracy before purchasing.

On the downside, some purchasers were dissatisfied with the product’s packaging, particularly a price sticker that proved difficult to remove, leaving a residue that takes away from the aesthetic appeal. Others mention that while the Butter Gloss is long lasting, reapplication may be necessary after eating or drinking to maintain the glossy finish.

In terms of value for money, there is a strong consensus that this lip gloss overdelivers considering its affordable price tag. The overall sentiment is that the NYX Butter Gloss is a worthwhile beauty bag addition for those who enjoy lip products that offer a splash of color without the stickiness commonly associated with glosses.

Product Specifications – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

If you’re on the hunt for a lip gloss that strikes a balance between sheen and comfort, the Butter Gloss by NYX might pique your interest. Unlike many glosses that leave a sticky after-feel, this formulation promises a glossy finish without the tackiness, suitable for all skin types. Users highlight its ease of application, thanks to the liquid form that glides on for even coverage.

One shade that stands out to me is ‘Rocky Road’, a deep wine color that could easily complement various skin tones for different occasions. The packaging is compact, with its dimensions being modest at roughly 0.7 x 0.7 x 3.6 inches, which fits into a clutch or pocket without fuss. The product’s origin from Taiwan is a testament to its global reach and NYX’s diverse supply chain.

In terms of product weight, the gloss is exceptionally lightweight at just over 0.3 ounces, making it hardly noticeable when carried around. While the gloss does not cater to any specific skin type, its all-inclusive formula is designed to enhance the lips’ natural texture for anyone looking for that extra pop.

Conclusion – NYX Butter Gloss Review

NYX Butter Gloss GlamGrader

In my assessment of the Butter Gloss from NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, I find it hits a sweet spot for those who seek a balance of luscious shine and comfort. Users have lauded the product for its non-stickiness and lasting wear, making it a suitable ally for long days. Shades like Rocky Road tend to be appealing, though some discrepancies between online images and the actual color have been noted.

I appreciate its vanilla scent and the small applicator’s precision in application. Affordability is a key strength, offering high-quality gloss without the hefty price tag.

A few hiccups do present themselves, some users reported difficulties with label sticker residue on the packaging, an element that could detract from the overall experience. Moreover, varied expectations in shade perception suggest that buyers should review multiple sources for a truer color representation.

Despite these minor issues, my take is that this lip gloss line stands out for its hydrating formula, range of vibrant tones, and its capacity to elevate a simple makeup routine into something more polished and striking. Whether it’s the charming pink of a specific shade or the versatile Angel Food Cake, the Butter Gloss seems to cater to diverse tastes and occasions, leaving most users satisfied with their lustrous, moisturized lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Swatching Results for the Butter Gloss in Rocky Road?

When swatched, Butter Gloss in Rocky Road provides a wine colored gloss that tends to give off a sheer to medium coverage. Users have reported that it enhances the lips’ natural color with a hint of wine, offering a glossy and smooth finish without a sticky feeling.

Can Butter Gloss in Rocky Road Be Used in Conjunction With a Lip Liner?

Absolutely. This gloss pairs well with a lip liner to create a defined look. It is versatile enough to be worn over a liner without compromising the gloss’s own texture or finish. The product’s smooth consistency allows it to blend seamlessly with other lip products.

What Is the Price of Butter Gloss in Rocky Road?

The cost can vary, but it is generally recognized for being affordable compared to similar products in the market. The price is set at a point that makes it accessible for many users looking for a high-quality lip gloss without a high end price tag.

Is There a Comparable Alternative to the Butter Gloss in Rocky Road?

For those searching for alternatives, there are various other lip glosses available at a similar price point with comparable shades and finishes. However, Butter Gloss stands out for its non sticky formula and cruelty free status, making it a favored choice among many.

How Long Does the Butter Gloss Typically Last on the Lips?

The lasting power of Butter Gloss is substantial for a lip gloss, with users often noting it retains its sheen and coverage for several hours. However, its longevity may be affected by eating, drinking, or the natural tendency of the lips to absorb or shed the product.

Does the Butter Gloss Formula Provide Hydration for the Lips?

This Butter Gloss is often praised for providing hydration, with the formula designed to leave lips feeling soft and supple. The creamy texture not only adds shine but can be nourishing, preventing the dry and chapped lip feeling that some glosses leave behind.


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