SHEGLAM PoutPerfect Review: Best Hydration Choice?

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

When looking for a small addition to your makeup bag that can keep your lips glossy and moisturized, the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect in Sepia Kiss might catch your eye. As someone with a keen interest in beauty products, I find the combination of coconut oil for moisture and the promise of a non sticky gloss quite appealing.

The Sepia Kiss shade has gained some attention for its ability to complement a variety of skin tones. The product’s high shine finish and lip-plumping effect without discomfort are notable features. Additionally, its cruelty-free certification speaks to a growing demand for ethical beauty products.

In good conscience, it’s important to notice that while many love the gloss for its sheen and hint of color, some users express that its lasting power could be better. The product’s texture is liked by many, and its subtle scent appears to be enjoyable, potentially reminiscent of coconut or chocolate.

Bottom Line

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

If you prioritize a gloss that moisturizes with a nonsticky finish, the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect could be a fine addition to your collection. While it may require more frequent application, the affordable price point and the ethical stance make it a compelling choice for those who love a glossy pout.

Ready to add a touch of Sepia Kiss to your look? Feel free to check it out and see if it’s the glossy pop your lips have been craving.

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect Moisturizing Solid Lip Gloss – Hook Your Lips With Sepia Kiss

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

Having explored various lip products, I find that finding the perfect balance between gloss and moisture is a frequent challenge. SHEGLAM’s PoutPerfect lip gloss in Sepia Kiss aims to offer just that, an appealing gloss finish without the common stickiness. Many users appreciate that it’s formulated with coconut oil, providing ample moisture which is a savior for dry lips.

It’s noteworthy that the PoutPerfect lip gloss has gained attention on TikTok, suggesting it aligns with current beauty trends. The gloss is described as giving a ‘plump effect’ without causing the burning sensation typically associated with lip plumpers, which could be a significant plus for those sensitive to such products.

The gloss is Leaping Bunny Certified, which assures that no animal testing was involved in its development, a major consideration for ethical consumers. Moreover, the color Sepia Kiss has been mentioned in reviews as a subtle yet enhancing shade, suitable for a range of skin tones and potentially pairing nicely with a variety of makeup looks.

However, some feedback indicates that, while the color payoff is aesthetically pleasing, it may not be as long-lasting as desired, prompting reapplication throughout the day. Given these points, SHEGLAM’s PoutPerfect seems like a good option for those in search of a cruelty-free, moisturizing lip gloss with the added bonus of a non-irritating plump effect.

TIKTOK Viral Trendsetter

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

In the rapidly changing world of beauty and cosmetics, SHEGLAM’s PoutPerfect has earned its stripes as a TIKTOK sensation. I found this product’s reputation intriguing, as it rides the wave of social media influence with its viral status. It promises a glamorous plump effect without discomfort, possibly paving the way for those seeking fuller lips without harsh sensations.

The gloss finish provides a high shine which gives the appearance of healthy, voluminous lips. It’s not just about the visuals, the formula is infused with coconut oil, ensuring lips stay hydrated, a crucial factor for me when considering lip products. Additionally, its cruelty-free certification reflects a commendable ethical stance.

Nevertheless, users should note that some find the product to have a subtle stickiness, and the color pigmentation may not match the intensity of some higher-end brands. Despite its gleaming finish, lasting power is a common critique, suggesting frequent application may be necessary to maintain the look.

In summary, PoutPerfect seems to be a wallet-friendly alternative that offers a trendy, moisturizing shine with the bonus of being a conscientious choice. While it might not hit every mark for lasting color intensity or stickiness, its appeal in the viral beauty community is clearly justified.

Plump Effect Without The Pain

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

In exploring the realm of lip enhancement, the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect Lip Gloss stands out for delivering a desirable plumped look without discomfort. Many users seek the coveted voluminous lip appearance, yet are wary of the sting associated with many plumping agents. This product manages to circumvent the usual drawbacks as it is infused with ingredients that aim to swell the lips gently, sans the burning sensation.

Gleaning from customer experiences, the sensation is more of a subtle tingle, hinting at effective action. The addition of coconut oil in the formulation brings about a dual benefit of hydration along with the plump, keeping the lips lusciously moist without the tackiness often left behind by glosses. Its high shine finish and rich color payoff are consistently praised.

Notably, the product’s commitment to being cruelty-free adds an ethical advantage. While the staying power may not rival long-lasting lip stains, its ease of use and natural enhancement results have garnered appreciation from those who have sampled various shades. Some report stickiness to be minimal and find that the light scent adds to its allure. Amidst the waves of positive feedback, every product has its critiques; some feel the need for frequent reapplication and prefer more pigment intensity. However, as an everyday staple for a non-invasive plump and polish, SHEGLAM seems to have struck a chord with consumers.

Gloss Finish With Rich Color Saturation

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

In my assessment of the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect series, particularly the Sepia Kiss shade, I was struck by the product’s ability to deliver a high gloss finish while still providing intense color payoff. This is not always an easy balance to achieve, lip products that aim for shine sometimes sacrifice saturation, but in this case, the gloss seems to enhance the lip color’s vibrancy.

From what I’ve observed, users have praised the moisturizing properties owed to its coconut oil, which might contribute to the product’s nonsticky texture, often a concern for gloss aficionados. It’s a fine line between a glossy effect and an uncomfortably tacky feel, and the PoutPerfect seems to walk it effortlessly.

The cruelty-free aspect adds ethical appeal to the product’s list of qualities, being Leaping Bunny Certified, which speaks to a growing consumer demand for responsible beauty products. However, for all its strong points, one should consider personal preference regarding the sensation of plumpness, as this feature can vary in desirability among users.

Summing up, it’s the amalgamation of gloss, rich color, and comfortable wear that sets the PoutPerfect apart in the crowded field of lip products.

Infused With Coconut Oil for Supreme Moisture

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

When it comes to keeping lips hydrated, the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect lip gloss stands out with its coconut oil infusion. I’ve noticed that this particular ingredient is a game-changer for those seeking a balance of nourishment and shine. Coconut oil is renowned for its moisturizing properties, and in this formula, it works to leave lips feeling soft without any stickiness.

It’s evident that SHEGLAM has found a way to harness the benefits of coconut oil effectively, ensuring that lips not only gleam with a high gloss finish but also receive a much-needed moisture boost. Users have reported that this lip gloss provides long-lasting hydration, setting it apart from many other products that offer shine but can leave the lips feeling dry after wear.

While the plumping effect is an added bonus, the nonburning sensation signifies that the focus is on comfort and care. As someone who values cruelty-free practices, I appreciate that SHEGLAM has the Leaping Bunny Certification, reflecting a commitment to ethical beauty standards. This feature provides peace of mind for consumers looking for beauty products that do not compromise on animal welfare.

Certified Cruelty-Free Beauty

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

In the realm of beauty, the ethical stance of a product is often as important as its efficacy. The SHEGLAM PoutPerfect Lip Gloss shines not only on the lips but also in its compassionate approach towards animal welfare. The Leaping Bunny Certification on this product provides assurance that no animal testing has been involved at any stage of its development. While some cosmetics companies still lag behind in this area, SHEGLAM stands out for its commitment to cruelty-free beauty.

Although the brand touts the lip gloss as a must-have due to its trending status and plumping effect, it’s the ethical considerations that capture my attention. A glossy finish and color saturation can be often found in many lip products, but finding one that aligns with a humane ethos adds a layer of appeal. It’s gratifying to know that the glamour on one’s lips doesn’t come at the expense of animal suffering.

Having coconut oil as a moisturizing ingredient is an added benefit, delivering smoothness without the unwanted tackiness. Those seeking beauty with a conscience will find in this product a guilt-free addition to their makeup collection, that doesn’t compromise on performance.

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

Pros and Cons

When considering the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect Lip Gloss, I’ve observed a number of benefits and drawbacks that potential buyers should weigh up.


✅ The product scores points for its trendy appeal; it’s become quite popular on TikTok, suggesting a rather enthusiastic user base

✅ There’s also the plumping effect, which enhances the lips without the discomfort often associated with similar products

✅ Its glossy finish and rich pigmentation promise juicy, eye-catching lips

✅ Its inclusion of coconut oil not only moisturizes but does so without leaving a sticky residue, an all too common issue with many lip glosses

✅ The commitment to cruelty-free standards, evidenced by its Leaping Bunny certification, adds an ethical reassurance


❌ The longevity of the gloss appears to be a common concern among users, frequent reapplication may be necessary to maintain the desired look

❌ While not excessively sticky, some detect a slight tackiness, which might not appeal to everyone

❌ although there’s a range of colors, the pigmentation varies, with some customers finding it lighter than expected compared to other brands

❌ Whilst it stands as a more affordable option, the product might not hit the mark for those seeking deeply saturated colors that last long

What Customers Are Saying

SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

While exploring the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect lip gloss, I noticed a clear trend in the feedback. Buyers frequently mention the “Sepia Kiss” shade’s ability to complement diverse skin tones without overpowering natural undertones, which is a significant plus for those seeking a nude gloss. Users who value the nonsticky texture and subtle fragrance express satisfaction, although some note a slight tackiness. A comparison with higher-end brands reveals that, although it lacks some pigmentation, the shine it offers is much appreciated, along with its affordability.

However, durability seems to be a common concern; a number of comments highlight the need for frequent reapplication. The packaging has received praise for its unique design, resembling a pen, which might offer a different application experience from the traditional lip gloss tubes. One feature that stands out is the product’s moisturizing effect, thanks to its inclusion of coconut oil, which seems to be a high priority for those seeking both gloss and hydration.

In terms of user experience, the product has been described as creamy, yet users should be cautious during application to avoid breakage. A particular point of contentment lies with the color payoff, especially noted by those with yellow undertones, suggesting a versatile palette suitable for various looks. Despite some minor drawbacks, the consensus points to a solid product worth considering for everyday use, given its benefits and cost-effectiveness.


SHEGLAM PoutPerfect GlamGrader

In my assessment, the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect solid lip gloss strikes a balance between a moisturizing balm and a shiny gloss. While the color payoff may not match that of high pigment counterparts, it offers a subtle tint suited for those preferring a natural look. The Sepia Kiss shade, in particular, has received praise for complementing various skin tones without overwhelming them.

Though some users might find it less lasting and requiring more frequent applications, the product garners appreciation for its nonsticky texture and the presence of coconut oil, hinting at a pleasant scent. The price point is another positive, being more wallet-friendly compared to similar offerings from premium brands like Tarte.

However, it isn’t without its drawbacks. A minor stickiness and the need for multiple swipes to achieve desired glossiness have been noted. The packaging is user-friendly, with a unique mechanism and stylish design, adding to the appeal. As a reviewer, I see the SHEGLAM PoutPerfect gloss as a commendable option for daily wear, especially for those who value a natural sheen and hydrating features over longevity and rich pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary ingredients in the PoutPerfect?

The PoutPerfect boasts coconut oil as a key moisturizing element. Its formula, designed to deliver a glossiness and plump look without a sticky texture, has been appreciated for its moisturizing virtues. Additionally, it’s important to note that the product is cruelty-free, with a Leaping Bunny certification to back this claim.

How does PoutPerfect compare to other high-end moisturizing lip glosses?

The PoutPerfect is often discussed alongside high-end alternatives, particularly for its high shine and color saturation capabilities. While some users have found it requires more applications to achieve the desired color intensity compared to certain premium brands, its affordability paired with its aesthetic virtues often positions it as a competitive alternative.

Can PoutPerfect be used for sensitive lips?

Users with sensitive skin can confidently use the PoutPerfect, as the formula is designed for all skin types. However, because individual reactions can vary, I always recommend patch-testing any cosmetic product before using it broadly.

What is the longevity of wear for the PoutPerfect?

The longevity of the PoutPerfect seems to be modest. Users report that while it wears beautifully, it may require frequent reapplications throughout the day to maintain its color and shine, which isn’t uncommon for a lip product with a gloss finish.

How do customers typically rate the PoutPerfect?

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 586 ratings, the PoutPerfect is often described as a solid choice for those seeking moisturizing and plumping lip gloss. Consumers have highlighted its nonsticky finish and the moisturized feel provided by the coconut oil ingredient.

Are there multiple shades available in the PoutPerfect range?

Indeed, the PoutPerfect comes in a variety of shades, including the oft-mentioned Sepia Kiss. It’s designed to cater to diverse preferences and skin tones, offering options for those searching for the perfect tint to complement their unique look.


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